Am I set up right?
#1 30-09-2020 
Howdy folks wave
I just need a quick check - please?

New 1Tb HD (check)
New GPU - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti w/4Gb extra memory (check)
New 750 watt PSU (check)
...same old Win 7/Dell Pavilion p6330f desktop Blush

TS2 works fine - though it stutters a bit on the Neighborhood Fly-bys?
My basic, less than 2.5Gb, of CC is happily installed and doing fine Wink

I want to be sure I have as much RAM open/usable as I can get... (So I can cram in more CC!)
Does my log look right? Should I have a higher Texture memory set? And, what about page files?


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#2 30-09-2020 
Hi Cat,

The GTX 1050 allows you to set your texture memory to 4096MB.
According to DxDiag, you appear to have a 20GB pagefile. I would not use such a huge file, because that is going to be all over the place on your harddisk. If you truly must have a pagefile, I think that 4GB or 8GB would do fine!
The question whether or not a pagefile is needed, depends on your harddrive situation. If your drives are all SSD, then I would NOT make a pagefile. If one of them is a mechanical drive (HDD), then I would create a page file on THAT drive. If you have multiple HDDs, then I would advise you to tell the system to have one drive dedicated to the pagefile. Multiple pagefiles is a waste of resources.

You mention that the neighborhood fly-by stutters a bit. Since this is just a 30 seconds video that has no real impact on playability, I'm wondering why you care about that thing being a bit flaky... But if you really must worry about it, there are several possible causes:

1. You've just booted the system up, and without allowing Windows to settle down, you've immediately opened the game. The system is still handling a lot of data, so the fly-by is overwhelming it a bit. Allowing the system a minute or two of rest after booting up before you start the game, might alleviate the issue.
2. Perhaps you have too many background programs running in the system tray. Check what programs you truly need, and discard everything else when playing TS2.
3. This issue could also be the result of a too large pagefile, not enough harddisk space, not enough memory, or too much CC... anything is possible.
But as I said... who cares?

I think your system is mostly just fine the way it is.

#3 01-10-2020 
Thanks BO Heart

Yeah... I usually click to stop the dumb fly-over - but, I thought maybe the stuttering would be important?
I do not need a page file, I just didn't know what to do about it? It is a single HDD (not SSD), so I'll cut it back to 8Gb and see if that's any better.
And I will change the texture memory on the card/info to 4096 - Thanks!

I don't usually go right into my game. I putz around in SimPE a bit first, or clean up some pictures for a while - you know, "work" type stuff Rolleyes - before going in-game to have "fun". And my background tasks are really pretty slim; so It's prolly the page file thing.

Now to see if I can haz moar CC Big Grin



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