Problems at GoS and S2A?
#1 16-10-2020 
Anyone else having problems logging in and/or posting to GoS and S2A since about yesterday? Sometimes the sites come up, sometimes not. Sometimes the front page at GoS comes up, but not the forum.
I think I made a mistake yesterday updating my Lot uploads thread at S2A because today the entire thread is gone. This morning I took the precaution of copying and pasting my entire html Lot uploads thread at GoS to a notepad file, before it disappears too. I'd hate to have to repost over 40 uploads from scratch.

SimFileShare has been iffy too, since the server move. I've gotten a lot of 502 errors in the past few days there.

#2 17-10-2020 
A few people brought up connection issues on the MTS discord chat... I'm not having problems. But, I did notice your thread was awol at S2A this morning. (I drop in just about every morning to see if anything is new - while I'm drinkin' my my coffee) LOL! Big Grin

#3 17-10-2020 
I put in a ticket with the host last night, and so far this am things are working. *fingers crossed* There were a lot of db errors and I suspect my host updated either php or sql which caused db issues with smf. Topics had gone missing over the last days, and I was able to find and restore your lots at s2a.

#4 17-10-2020 
Thanks HL and Catherine.
I've posted and edited extensively at both S2A and GoS this morning with no problems.


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