UC Access Violation Problem
#1 04-11-2020 
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hi, everyone! i'm new to leefish, so please forgive me for any errors. i'm currently getting the access violation error on my game. i know why it happens and my game was completely fine before this. i’ve reinstalled the game a few times and it wont load past the intro video. here’s everything i’ve done: fixed my registry, turned off dep, ran chkdsk utility, updated my drivers, applied the graphics / video fix from here (i manually listed my video card), and tried running a vanilla game in compatibility mode for 7 and 8 + as admin. last night i was able to play the game for a few hours with the dxvk fix, but today the same issue: access violation error upon loading. today i even went as far to ask best buy to make sure my laptop isn't at fault as i suspected a memory leak, but nothing was found.

i have lurked the threads and tried those fixes as well. i have no idea what to do. my game was working completely fine sunday morning before i loaded the game and played for a few minutes when this happened. it could’ve been the hood i was in but even deleting the suspected hood has done nothing. so. like. again, no idea on how to proceed. i only know so much about tech, after all.

my operating system: windows 10 64-bit + intel® core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz (12 CPUs), ~2.6GHz

any and all help would be majorly appreciated. thank you for any ideas. Heart

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update for anyone interested: i was able to remedy the issue by setting my CPU count to 1. not sure why i didn’t do this before but i’m just glad my game is working again!!


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