Directx 9.0c Issue - Sims 2
#1 18-11-2020 
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I bought a new laptop over the summer and since then I can't play Sims 2. I keep getting a Directx 9.0c message that is has failed to find any graphic adapters. I've two graphic cards, and feel like this may be the issue? I played in a Windowed mode for awhile but this doesn't seem to be working anymore either - I've tried a tonne of fixes I've googled, to no avail! Desperate to play some Sims 2 and any help would be much appreciated!


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#2 30-11-2020 
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Just realising I never attached the Operating System, and it is not a disk version of the game. It is the Complete Collection Origin version!

Thanks for the help!

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#3 01-12-2020 
I'm still on Windows7 and will be for as long as I can. So Windows 10 is out of my knowledge base. All the things I know about, you've done. Running Sims 2 as a windowed version on Windows 10 also seems to be the correct thing to do.

Fortunately - Huge Lunatic has posted 2 links to things you can do on another thread - so I will add them here:

A guide to installing Sims 2 on Current machines


Installing Legacy Directx Libraries

#4 01-12-2020 

Reddit seems to have some good help at r/sims2help:

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Game does not start and has a message 'DirectX' message on a vanilla game.
i have windows 10 on my laptop and when i try to start the game i get the driectX error message that says i dont have a graphics card that works with it or something..i have the disc verision.
.txt  DESKTOP-UL1FVI1-config-log.txt (Size: 9.7 KB / Downloads: 263)


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