Mention option
#1 02-12-2020 
I've been noticing in the graphics forum, that when I select someone to mention, and then click the mention button on the quick reply - nothing comes up in the quick reply box. I thought it was supposed to come up with the "@" user_id ?

Am I doing something wrong, or have misunderstood what is happening?
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#2 03-12-2020 
@celebkiriedhel, if you are doing something wrong, then I'm doing the same thing wrong. Mention has not worked for quite a while for me.
The same is true for the standard Quote. When I select that option and then click the "Quote these posts now or deselect them" line, nothing happens except that this line disappears.
I believe I sideways mentioned these issues somewhere before, but don't ask me where...

I'm not sure if this happens only on the Graphics board or if other boards have the same issues. Because usually, I just type out the "mention" myself. And when I need to quote, I'll use the QuickQuote option, which still functions properly.

For reference, in case it makes a difference, I'm using Firefox under Windows 7.


Sorry, that is a members only option