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#11 29-12-2020 
@HugeLunatic Yes, I understood immediately what mklink was supposed to do. As I said, I got acquainted with computers in the DOS era. I'm just saying that, before today, I had never heard of mklink. It was not part of any DOS that I ever used.

#12 29-12-2020 
Links came with NTFS so have been around since Windows NT 3.1 (mid 1993) - I was on the beta program, ahhh happy memories! NT and NTFS came from a DEC OS heritage (PDP/VAX VMS), not DOS/MS-DOS

#13 30-12-2020 
@whoward69, thank you for clearing that up. That explains why I didn't know of it. Smile

#14 11-02-2021 
Next utility in my Sims2Tools project - What Caused This

What Caused This is a utility to read an object error log file and attempt to ascertain which mod(s) in the Downloads folders caused it. Hoping to speed up debugging when you get an Object Error dialog pop-up unexpectedly by trying to avoid the 50/50 approach.

[Image: WhatCausedThis07.jpg]
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#15 03-03-2021 
I've updated HCDU Plus to V1.2 following feedback from CatherineTCJD.
* Can be resized
* Added a Conflicts menu
* Moved Known Conflicts from the File Menu to the Conflicts menu
* Added an "Ignore Internal Conflicts" option to the Conflicts menu - if this is checked, mods that conflict with themselves will not be reported (usually caused by the author leaving duplicate GLOB or STR# resources in the package)
* Added an "Ignore HomeCrafter Conflicts" option to the Conflicts menu - if this is checked, mods with conflicts for HomeCrafter description strings (STR# 0x007B) will not be reported

New version can be downloaded here -

#16 03-03-2021 
OMG thank YOU!!!
...and I'm really looking forward to your What Caused This tool Big Grin

ETA: Are you going to come up with a Sims2ExceptionReader tool too? :pleads: Wink
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#17 03-03-2021 
'Fraid not! The "crash dump" is meant to be used with a debug version of The Sims 2 and the compiler environment that it was built in - my alter-ego has used these crash dumps with Civ 5 modding, but we have some of the source code for that.

#18 05-03-2021 
I've just updated What Caused This to version 1.2

(V 1.1 had a bug that was causing found suspect packages to not be reported)

V1.0 was being a little too zealous in trying to match the group info from the error report and missing possible suspect packages.

I've also changed it such that if no packages are found from the details in the last stack frame it will look at the penultimate stack frame details - this is frequently the cause of the real error if invalid parameters are passed to globals or semi-globals. The last stack frame has the (semi-)global's details, but the error was caused by passing invalid parameters from the BHAV given in the penultimate stack frame.

Finally, if you now feed it a "CT - Object Error" type report, it will politely inform you you're about to waste your time and not process it - these errors are almost always due to shift-clicking an object and selecting "*Force Error" from the debug menu.
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#19 09-11-2021 
Another utility for mod devs - Log Watcher

Log Watcher displays ObjectError logs in a more accessible manner. Major sections are displayed in the tree on the left, while clicking on any leaf node in the tree will display that part of the log, either as text or in a tabular format.

[Image: LogWatcher06.jpg]

Tabular data can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Names for globals, object data, person data and motives are added - so no more counting globals or remembering that object data entry 11 (0x0B) is the object's id. Inventory data is shown with the inventory GUIDs in hex notation and their object name (if known) added.


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