Replacement School Minibus
#1 11-01-2021 
Being British, the big yellow school bus in The Sims 2 really jars in my neighbourhoods. Most children in my part of the world walk to school, while those that are bussed to school tend to be picked up in people carriers or 12-seat minivans.

It also bugs me that sim parents in low-level Education career jobs do not travel to work with their off-spring.

I've been meaning to fix these gripes for a long, long time - hence these mods.

The minibus is a replacement for the standard big yellow school bus.

In addition, it can be set as the carpool vehicle for low-level adult Education jobs.

[Image: SchoolMinibus03.jpg]

Four colour options are provided along with three driver uniforms (more of both can be added) and the selected colour/uniform is saved on a per family basis.

Even though there are only three usable seats, it can cope with any number of children in the family! Video

Full details can be found here.

An adult Education career using it as the carpool is available here.

A mod to make sims walk to school can be found here

A mod to make sims walk to work can be found here



#2 12-01-2021 


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