Crash on Start Up even after doing multiple fixes
#1 02-02-2021 
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Hey Folks, I'm having the troubles that it seems every modern computer has been having trying to go back to nostalgia days.
Anyways, trying to launch the Origin Edition of Sims 2: UC on Win10 with 0 mods or CC, and am getting the Access Violation.
Before making this post I browsed the threads looking for fixes.
I used the Graphics Rule Maker using the auto-detect:
[Image: JcUMqjh.jpg]

I set compatabilites:
[Image: eS6J7k6.jpg]

and I played around with a 4gb patch that I found, but I decided to erase that one and continue working on the backup it left because although I no longer received error messages, the game was still not launching.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I literally had the same issue and started to google.
I then found this one and it worked.
Maybe it's also working for you


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