Better "Clean Up" of trash items
#1 16-02-2021 
Why do Sims make multiple trips to the bin to throw-away junk-food cartons, but will stack dishes before heading to the sink?

Why do Sims throw out a single old newspaper only to have to trek all the way back across the lot to throw out the other old one that was next to it?

Two mods to make Sims clean up quicker (oh, and if you leave if for the maid, reduce her bill as you won't be paying for her daily work-out class!)

Dispose Junk Food Together - Sims will collect all junk food in the room and then make a single trip to the waste bin.

Dispose Newspapers Together - Sims will collect all newspapers on the lot and recycle/compost them in a single trip to the bin.

#2 16-02-2021 
Ah, that's good stuff for those players who don't make a habit of bashing fishslap on their sims' cases, making them throw junk out immediately. Smart thinking, William.Idea


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