Win10 and Radeon cards...
#11 31-03-2021 
Hi @lirika.

Oh, that's a pity. I had hoped that it would solve the problem, but I must admit, I did not expect miracles. Alas, this was the only thing I could think of to try.
I wish I knew more about the stuff that happens in the .sgr files. I wish I knew more about Win10. And I wish I knew more about how GRM works.
Sadly, the one who would know the most about all this, the wizardly wise @celebkiriedhel, is not often here, anymore. But now I mentioned her name, I'm sure that as soon as Kiri shows up, she will at least read this thread if she can. And if she has a solution, she will let us know.

Do not despair, Viktoriya. There is still hope.


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