SimPE cannot save changes?
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So I'm trying to use SimPE to change a Sim's age. I click the desired age, click Commit, then when I try to save I get the error message attached.
Anyone know how to get around this? I am running Windows 10. I'm also running the Sims 2 as an administrator due to the compatability issues w Windows 10 (I also have the Sims 2 running in Compatability Mode for Windows XP). Perhaps it might be fixed by no longer running as an administrator, or no longer running in compatability mode, but I don't want to change anything yet on my own because I'm not very knowledgeable about this. Would appreciate any insight. Thank you!
ETA: When I click "details" the details button just disappears, and no new information is given.

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As you've run The Sims 2 as admin, it looks like it's change the permissions on the 'hood package files so a non-admin can't write to them. Try running SimPE as admin as well.

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Also, don't try to run TS2 and SimPE at the same time. When TS2 is open, it locks all files that it uses for access by other programs. For example, if you open one of the config files in a text editor while the game is running in the background, you can edit the file all you want, but you will NOT be allowed to save it, because TS2 is currently using it.


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