#1 30-04-2021 
I'm trying to add a custom object as a career reward to the career I'm making. I have done this a loooooong time ago, and think it must have been with this tute So figured I've done it once can do it again right? WORNG!!
So the tute says to use an old simpe download, so I downloaded the one mentioned and got up to step 3 doing the 6 steps there, no problem. But then when I save and go out of it, load something else up as it states, then open the object I want back up those 6 steps are blank again. Tried numerous times and always the same outcome. Is there anyway we can assign this in the current simpe?

Also the item I'm hoping to use is DeeDees workbench it has all the things you can make as seperate downloads. I think (hope) I'm right in guessing if I do suceed in adding it to the career reward then all you need is to those into the downloads flder and not change all their hex numbers etc?

And lastly in object data, the main package file I'm changing has 3 things in object data
[Image: 2IBVgVt.jpg]
Would I change all 3 or just one?

Thanks for checking my noob questions!! Idea
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#2 30-04-2021 
Don't use that tutorial, it's ancient. You want to be using Bidou's Career Editor (should be under Tools in the SimPe main menu bar)

You want to copy the GUID of the "Woodworking Bench" OBJD (that's the main object) and paste it into the text box after the "Reward" drop-down (which should then display *Other*)

In addition, you need to edit the "Woodworking Bench" OBJD, click on the "Catalogue Sort" tab, uncheck everything and from the Overall Sort drop-down select "Career Rewards / Unknown I"

Edit: When editing the OBJD entry, you also need to click on the "RAW Data" tab (don't forget to click Commit between changing the open tab, or SimPe throws away the changes in the previously open tab), scroll down to section 8 GUIDs and enter the guid of your career into the Job Object GUID 1 and 2 fields. If your career GUID is 0x12345678, you would enter 0x5678 into GUID 1 and 0x1234 into GUID 2



#3 01-05-2021 
Thanks so much William, will give this a go!

That worked perfectly, thankyou so much for giving such clear easy to follow instructions, My husband will vouch for me when I say I got a little over excited when I tested it ingame and it worked perfectly!!

Wondering if you have the patience to help me further please? All good if not!

I want to use a cool dads custom pickup as a career car, as it was cloned from an ownerable car its not going to work as a career car. So I know I need to clone the handyman truck and then replace with cooldads mesh etc. I'm just unsure how I go about this. I don't think I need to use milkshape as everythings there, but I also don't know if thats the case, and if it's not the case then how do I add a custom mesh to the maxis one?

I have looked through tutes and they all talk about using 3d models in milkshape etc, and thats whats throwing me!

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#4 01-05-2021 
You shouldn't need MilkShape. I managed to change the big yellow school bus into a recolour of the MPV and didn't need MilkShape - just played with the assigned cres resource. It will help if the footprint of the vehicle you're cloning is the same size as the vehicle you want to use, but if not, you'll need to adjust it and add/remove some OBJD/OBJf entries

So my approach would be.
Clone the truck, you will need new GUIDs for every OBJD resource.
Temporarily set it to $0 under General/Misc
Go in game and see if can be placed (I dropped mine on the lawn!)
Fix any errors (almost always with the GUIDs)
Now set it as the custom career car
Test in game.
At this point you know the custom career vehicle works, it just looks wrong.
Make sure Cool Dads custom pickup works
Now, in theory, all you need to do is change the model name (STR# 0x0085, usually entry 1) in the cloned pickup to be the same as Cool Dads.
If that works, and you don't want to keep Cool Dads pickup, you'll need to copy the model (cres, shpe, gmdc, gmnd, txmt and txtr resources) from Cool Dads into the clone

#5 07-05-2021 
Thanks again William, when I had a few moments the other day I tried it buyt couldn't get passed the first step of cloning and then finding it in game. So will have another go tonight if I can!

#6 07-05-2021 
I've been playing with this. Even if you manage to clone the donor vehicle (I used the HMV, there may be a better one), you'll run into a number of issues.
Firstly you'll need to figure out how CoolDad named the routing slots
Once that's fixed there are still a number of issues to sort out
  • The vehicle stops too far down the road
  • The drivers seat container slot is wrong
  • The passenger door routing slot is wrong
  • There is no passenger door animation
  • The passenger seat container slot is wrong
But the Sims will go to work!

On return from work
  • The get out animations are broken (they just don't run)
  • The Sims appear at the back of the vehicle (probably another routing slot mis-assignment)

Depends how much time you are willing to invest to try to get this to work and how much you already know about routing slots, container slots, bone name assignment, and cTransformNodes in CRES resources.

Edit: It should all be possible, just a case of adapting the "Sit In Vehicle" and "Ask To Join" code/slots/animations (which work) to the "Get In" and "Get Out" code/slots/animations
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#7 08-05-2021 
Tried again using the Ambulance as the donor vehicle (as it only has two doors)

Driver is in the correct position

Passenger door animates

Passenger is in correct position

Ummm ... this may be an issue!

#8 08-05-2021 
I've got it working. Your's for the "price" of 28 consecutive GUIDs (I'm using mine and I can't spare them!)
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#9 09-05-2021 
Ohhh you're amazing! I did want to have a try at doing it myself, but after seeing what you went through I don't think I have a rubbish show as I just don't know enough about the workings of simpe!!
So just to be clear as I really do sometimes need step by steps, If I use the one you've got working I need to swap out all the guids in the resource tree? Cause that I can do...I think lol!!!

#10 09-05-2021 
You'd need to swap out 28 pairs of GUIDs in the OBJD resources ... except I'm using currently using a block of mine so it't not going to escape from my laptop! Do you have a block of GUIDs? If so, pm me a start number and I'll renumber with a block of 28 from there, if not, you need to pick one that's free, claim it over at MTS, and then pm me a start number.


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