sims 2 need help when i try to launch it says failed to enumerate any Directx 9
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im really hoping someone can help im so upset preobly way too upest then i should be but...( i have bad bad deppression and cptsd) and all start the wholel story with saying
i missed out years back when they had the sims 2 ultimate collection for free on origin (now im hating myself for missing out)
(and im sorry about any typos in listerally crying and shaking trying to type this .......)

anyway initially the sims 2 worked for me i have windows 10 and i bought one of the origin accounts off ebay that had sims2 on it it worked fine for a few months i guess (till origin decided to be pricks?? idk ....)
anyway so it wouldnt work i had a mental breakdown and convinced my partner to buy me a set of the whole physical copy someone had on ebay for like $100 or so..
i kept myself as calm as i could tell it arrived (the sims 2 has been helping me escape and cope with my bad days ((which are usually most days.... ))
anyway i just got done installing all the games with the codes the install went fine! i thought it would all be ok then im hit with this waring
"failed to emulate any DirectX 9 graphics adapters in this system! please make sure you have a DircetX 9 compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest manufacture provided driver . the application will now terminate..."

right now im so sick im havingf another breakdown.... i tired everything could find..... i tried downloading direct x 9 on windows 10 it wouldnet woirk..... i tired the 4 gig patch and the graphics rules maker..... i tried compatibility mode..... ect..... i tried downloading free versions of the game on that old games website or getting the mrDJ version.... i tried seeing if anyone had hacked the ea origin version of the ultimate collection to work without origin....i have spent hours googling,reading and installing/unistalling
i even contacted origin/ea foe help waited in line adn begged the person to help asked fore them to somehow give me a code foe the ultimate collection or origin or aomehow load it into my origin acount ?! they said thats not possible i amn hopping someone has found a way to fix this direct x 9 issue cause i just want to play the sims 2 i feel so sick and defeated :(and im so tired of feeling like this the sims 2

also i have and intel cpu
a msi nvidia rtx 2080 super
windows 10

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Buying and selling Origin accounts is against EA's policy, so you really can't blame them if it doesn't work.

Your config is missing all of the important information about your graphics card and memory, I'm guessing because it's not getting to a point to generate it? Try opening your game in window mode, add a -w to the target line in your game shortcut.

[Image: 5oTx7Th.png]


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