No 4gb patch with George?
#1 24-06-2021 
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As the title says, the 4gb patch doesn't appear to be working with George. However, my texture memory was fixed; it was previously at 32mb now it's 1744.

1. I have followed all instructions for George -- he has replaced the .exe in my TSBin properly. My old .exe is renamed so I know I'm not confusing them.
2. I have followed all instructions here to fix my Graphics Rules and Video Card sgrs.
3. I ran Lazy Duchess's firstborn randomizer fix patch on George.

The game looks fine -- but the patch isn't applied and I will need it once I get to really playing. This is a new OS for me -- I was previously running Windows Vista 32bit and my hard drive kicked the bucket and the person who fixed it suggested Windows 10 with a new SSD. That said, everything should be running under my Administrator account.
Please help. Sad I've attached the config as well as my dxdiag.

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#2 25-06-2021 
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I can't delete my original post -- I figured it out. Thanks anyways! Lots of good information here. Smile


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