Sims 2 Flickering
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Hi there,
My problem is constant flickering in almost every part of the game. I have Windows 10. This flickering has happened every time I try to download TS2. No matter what version it is. Cracked, CD/DVD, or Origin Download (What I have currently!). My flickering problem is not the same as adiamrim's flickering. I went through that thread and everything was very confusing. I have attached my config file and my operating system is 64 bit. I don't have any text files that pop up after running. I do have a feeling that it is an internal problem with my monitor maybe? Because on my laptop the game runs flawlessly with no glitches at all. But this is my main computer and I just want to play this game so bad. Sorry for the rambling please let me know if you need anymore information or even a video of the flickering and I will gladly send you whatever you need. Please just help me try to fix my game!
Thank you in advance!

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(09-07-2021 02:51 PM)phuctran8893 Wrote:  I have attached my config file...
I don't see it? Maybe try attaching it again?

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I don't see it either... Please retry!


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