Sims 2 4GB patch
#1 15-07-2021 
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Can someone please help me my game keeps crahing saying sims 2 application has crashed will now terminate
On the file config log it says memory 1024mb
And free memory the same 1024mb
Also where it says name database it says intel HD graphics - not found in database
If someone can help I would really appreciate it

#2 16-07-2021 

I've moved this topic from the "The Tea Room" board (where it didn't belong) to this one, the "Sims2 Graphics Cards" board.
I also DELETED the EXACT copy of this topic, which you wrote in "Sims Discussion" board... ONE is enough, thank you.
On this board, you find a lot of information, including the instructions at the bottom of this page, which explain what information we need, if there is ever to be a chance that we can help you.
So please attach your latest ****-config-log.txt and DxDiag.txt, so we can see what is going on in your system.

#3 16-07-2021 
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sorry for replaying in the wrong post never been here before 1st time here is my config log and my Dxdiag if anyone can help that would be great i would really appreciate it.


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.txt  NICKST3RS-PC-config-log.txt (Size: 10.39 KB / Downloads: 262)

#4 17-07-2021 
Hi @Nickst3r786, don't worry about it. It was fixed easily enough.

Your Sims2 situation, however, will be a lot tougher to fix. Here's the problem: you have only 3GB of system memory (RAM). Windows 7 needs about 500 MB of that, and the built-in graphics card needs a good amount as well, leaving way too little for your game to run in.
And then there is the fact that the unpatched game can not handle more than 1 or 2GB of RAM anyway. You would need at least the 4GB patch to make you game capable of using 4GB RAM. However, that will not work as long as you don't HAVE more actual RAM. I would suggest you need at least 6GB, but 8GB or more (12GB, 16GB) would be much better.

I'm sure that the unknown graphics card issue can be solved (I would even know exactly how to do it). But at this moment, I'm wondering what would be the point, since the game will crash anyway!

However, it *is* possible that I'm looking at it wrong, that I'm the "glass half empty and also leaking" kind of guy. So, please, hang around a little longer, okay?
Because I hope that someone will come along, who knows how to actually help you fix this without buying a lot of RAM or an all new computer.

Good luck and, if possible, happy simming,
~ BO

#5 17-07-2021 
That pc cannot handle running all EPs. You could get by with base plus one or two of the early EPs, but trying to run anything like Seasons, Ft or AL could ruin the pc.

#6 17-07-2021 
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Thanks everyone for replying I guess I will have to buy a good laptop to run the sims 2 and 3 and 4 and ther packs to actually play the Sims thanks again for the quick reply and for your help Shy

#7 17-07-2021 
Sorry we couldn't give you any better news, Nick. Good luck, and come back if you need us again! Smile


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