Kirie 32mb Fix Not 'Taking'
#1 24-07-2021 
I've attempted the 32mb texture memory fix before and it has never worked. I followed the directions from Kirie and I am still getting the crappy 320x200 mode. What kind of workaround should I try, and what else should I post here?

#2 24-07-2021 
Hi, there is currently not much for you to do but patiently wait if someone else comes on with tips... Not all helpful members log on every day, lately. I do, but as you know, I am not very helpfuil at the moment. Whatever tips I gave you so far, didn't help much.
And please, if you have more information or try new things, do not make new threads for them, but just add a new post to the already existing thread. That way, all the relevant info about your system is available in one place, so it's easier for others to find, when they try to help.

#3 24-07-2021 
Sorry about that. In some forums, bumping a thread with a second post is frowned upon. Guess I carried it to this forum.

#4 25-07-2021 
Yeah, we're more relaxed about that. Especially if more than a couple of hours have passed since your last post, and it was your own thread to begin with. And it was extra information on the same problem! As I said, it's more logical to keep all that data together in one thread. Big Grin


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