Linking apartment life base lot with the sub lot?
#1 18-08-2021 
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Hi guys,

Is there any way to link the apartment base lot with the sublot I have tried numerous things already and nothing does the job. I just want to keep the current furniture in the apartment lots to use with the next family moving in. Someone in SimPE did manage to do this but of course doesn't explain how and no one really goes on that site anymore. BTW stay things shrub doesn't work no matter where you place it in the lot or in the house.

Can the Stay things shrub be modified to work with the sublot in an occupied apartment?

Help me!!

#2 18-08-2021 
This is why you should never remodel an apartment after you move sims in.
ALWAYS finish building, before moving sims in.
The Game automagically keeps the Apartment 'base' lot pristine. And only installs sims into a 'copy'/sublot of the apartment.

#3 18-08-2021 
The Stay Things shrub was meant to be used only with non-apartment homes, where, as soon as a sim moves out, all furniture and plumbing is removed.
In apartment sub-lots, that stuff is restored to what it was before the sim moved in. This was done to keep the apartment class and the rent consistent. The shrub might upset that, and if it was ever removed (assuming that it did work in the first place), things might get even more complicated.


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