TS2 Weird Graphic Bug
#1 23-08-2021 
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For a couple of days, I'm trying to make my game work on windows 10 (i have cd collection). I almost got to the end of suffering, when I got this weird graphic bug. It's only showing when I moving the camera in lots. To be honest I really don't know what is this and what causes it. Can someone maybe know this, and also know the solution? I will appreciate every possible anwers!
(Sorry for my really bad English, but it's not my native language.)

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#2 24-08-2021 
Looks like a graphics card problem to me?
Are you sure you have the graphics card set up properly?

We can check that for you - but you must attach your ConfigLog for us to see it.

#3 30-11-2021 
@lenny, I'm sorry, but I felt I had to disapprove your latest post in this thread, because it had nothing to do with the Sims in general, or even with the topic of this thread -- your alledged graphical issues. Besides, it contained a link to totally unrelated software. Please, feel free to post Sims-related materials, but respect the purpose of the board.

Thank you for you cooperation,

~ BO


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