Back Off, Origin!
#1 15-09-2021 
So TS2 keeps crashing after I've been playing for a few minutes, even after I uninstalled, reinstalled (so Contessa Crumplebuttocks should no longer be a problem) and drag-and-dropped all of my old neighborhoods, Sims, CC and paintings back into it. So I'm thinking that it may be some bad CC responsible for the crashes, and I've been saving logs every time the client goes ka-BOOM; too bad the logs don't seem to be telling me which CC keeps screwing me up. Maybe the process of elimination will fix my game soon enough.

But in the meantime, I found a The Sims 3/TS3: Late Night/TS3: High-End Loft Stuff bundle at Walmart for $5. So I bought it. Lamentably, unlike TS2, I can't run TS3 without Origin butting in and muddling things up. Why do you want me to install TS3 from Origin, EA? I have the TS3 disc right there in my DVD drive, and I've been clicking Autorun.exe, Setup.exe and/or Sims3Setup.exe over and over and over! Just let me install TS3 off the disc already!

Would anyone happen to know a way to tell Origin to pike off so I can install TS3 like normal people do? Rolleyes
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#2 15-09-2021 
Sorry - I don't play TS3... Maybe search for a No-CD patch for it? (That's what I had to do with the DragonAges.) Good luck!

#3 16-09-2021 
It's cool. I figured it out. (The "TS3 won't start" problem, I mean, not the "Bad CC keeps crashing TS2" problem.) I just had to uninstall the broken TS3 installation and reinstall; second time's the charm. Big Grin

And since TS3's Late Night expansion comes with vampires, naturally, the first Sim I made for TS3 just had to be a rehash of my flagship Sim from TS2: Carmilla von Carstein.

[Image: TS3-Carmilla000.jpg]

[Image: TS3-Carmilla001.jpg]

She's not a vampire yet, and she won't be a witch until I figure out which TS3 expansion gives us witches. But it's a start.

[Image: TS3-Carmilla002.jpg]

TS3 is considerably different from TS2; for one, I have to admit that TS3 is immensely more versatile with the hair coloration. You can apply up to four different colors to each hairstyle (except for Bald, of course): Hair, Roots, Highlights and Tips. So I gave Carmilla red highlights and black everything else.

Her hair looks nice, doesn't it? Big Grin

You can recolor the clothes in the same fashion. The pants you want your Sim to wear only come in blue, black or white, but you want those pants in red for your Sim? No biggie; just open up the advanced colors menu and change those black pants to red! Each article of clothing comes in anywhere from one to four pieces that can be colored separately; Carmilla's corset there was originally bright red all over, but the bust/"boob cups", flanks, ribs (bodice ribs, not people ribs) and belly can each be recolored separately, so I tinkered with reds and blacks until I came up with the bodice you see there. There are also various patterns; your colors can come as solids, plaids, polka dots, a pattern like those "diamond" bumps you see on flatbed trucks and other steel walkable surfaces, wavy patterns, et cetera.

Also, bodyshapes are pretty much a thing of the past in TS3; you can make each Sim very fat or very thin, top-heavy or bottom-heavy, slight or muscular and, yes, big-boobed or small-boobed (in the case of women). Or anywhere in between.

Carmilla won't be the last Sim I make for TS3. So I'll have plenty more chances to explore the body-morphin' options in the future.

[Image: TS3-Carmilla003.jpg]

But trying to remake Carmilla as she was in TS2 is a bit of a challenge. Gone is the old 0-10 personality more Shy/Outgoing, no more Sloppy/Neat, none of that exists anymore. Instead. each Sim gets up to five personality traits, each with its own pros and cons (as far as I can assume); for example, a Perfectionist Sim will cook food and paint pictures of higher quality and value, but they'll take a little longer creating such works; they also get a "Point Out Flaws" social interaction, which tends to tick other Sims off.

In her previous incarnation, Carmilla was, in a nutshell, a sexy, alluring scientist kind of vampire (or vampire-to-be, at present)...everything that Denise Richards tried but failed to be in that one James Bond film. Carmilla's prime Aspiration was Romance, she was naturally gifted in Science and her first maxed-out Career Track was Science, with her resurrecting a dead houseplant in her last Chance Card and getting 50,000 Simoleons for it. And since the beginning, Logic and Charisma were her leading Skills, followed closely by Creativity and Cooking.

So for TS3, I picked the five Traits which I thought would do her past self justice.

(On a side note, the Mechanical and Cleaning skills don't exist anymore; they've both been combined into the Handiness skill. That change may or may not make sense, depending on how you look at it; a neat freak would go insane as an auto mechanic (or any other repair job that's typically sloppy and messy by nature) but would soar as an electrician; being sloppy with solder and wire-splicing tends to result in shorts, open circuits, fried circuitry and the occasional electrocution...not good!)

But isn't TS3 supposed to be set before TS2 as a prequel of sorts, come to think of it? Huh

I may end up playing fast and loose with my Simmy storylines here....

[Image: TS3-Carmilla004.jpg]

Music was never Carmilla's strongest suit, but this job came up in the newspaper first. Any port in a storm.

It's pretty neat watching your Sim zip around town in a car or on a bicycle, but the "open the door, climb into the car and close the door" animations are all gone! Your Sim just sort of teleports into the car and takes off. So the new driving/riding system rocks, yet it sucks. Every rose has its thorn, right?

I should probably babble on about my adventures in Part 3 in another thread. I'll do that! Big Grin
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