Unable to apply 4GB Patch, tried multiple solutions still at 2048MB
#1 23-10-2021 
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I've installed The Sims 2 UC yesterday and fixed both my Graphic Rules and added my graphics card to the Video Cards file. The game runs fine on testing but I cannot apply the 4GB Patch. I've downloaded George 2x, checked if Windows had replaced the original file, I don't have compatibility mode on and I don't really know what else can I do.
Any help is appreciated.
I'm running it on Windows 10 Pro.

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I've fixed it!!!!! For anyone wondering and whom it may help in the future - I had available 4161 MB of display memory and the game was reading about 1000MB or so. Went to my Graphics Rules.sgr and changed this: # Kiri - manually setting texture memory
seti textureMemory 4161 -> this line here
logSystemInfo "Kiri: Reset Texture Memory"
I got this information from my DxDiag file.

I downloaded the George.exe (2019 upload) opened in WinRar archive and extracted directly to my Fun With Pets\SP9\TSBin folder.
Don't forget to apply your Graphics Ruls.sgr to both Config and CSConfig folders because I think I didn't the first time I installed the game yesterday.
I've also made the entire folder an exeption for the Windows Defender software and am using the UC from games4theworld.
Whew! After an enitire day of brainstorming.

#3 23-10-2021 
Well done! You troubleshot, you found the problem and you posted about it here, so it might help someone else out someday. Thank you. Smile


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