Does Sims 2 run fine with newer AMD CPUs/GPUs?
#1 02-11-2021 
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I've been using the same Windows 7 PC since 2016 and am about to upgrade and build a PC with more up-to-date parts, I've only used Intel/Nvidia builds so I'm not sure if AMD users have a different situation. Not worried about strictly modern OS specific issues, I have that covered already.

Specifically I want to know if there's any issues with Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and Radeon GPUs. My game runs fine with no major issues on an i7-5820k/GTX 1060 setup right now.

Didn't really know any other place to post this since I'm not sure there's not many active Sims 2 communities these days lol. Thank you in advance.


Sorry, that is a members only option