Account Deletion
#1 02-11-2021 
Hello! Is there a way to delete my account? Can't find any options in settings and the contact form produces a 404 error. Thanks!

#2 02-11-2021 
Hi, @danielroxheaps,

No, as far as I am aware, there is no way for a member to delete/remove their own account.
In fact, I also cannot find any moderator tools to delete your account. Maybe there is such a tool that only Leefish can access, but I really doubt that.
Because it makes sense that such a tool doesn't exist. Because if we did delete your account, there would no longer be a valid author for those 75 posts you made over the past 7 years. That would cause all kinds of trouble in the posts Database.

I'm sorry that you feel the need to leave us. But if you think it's necessary, then the only solution I can think of, is for you to just stop logging in here.
Good luck with whatever you plan to do, wherever you plan to go after leaving us.

Best regards,
~ BO


Sorry, that is a members only option