What's up with the main fish?
#1 29-11-2021 
Hello all,

Maybe this is a stupid question, and if so, please whack me over the head with a 20 lb dead fish, telling me that I'm making an @$$ of myself.
But, is anybody here worried about our main fish? Or is that just me?
I mean, Lee's never been the most active poster. But last I know, her latest post so far was almost 5 months ago!

I hope she's well, and I extend that hope to all of you as well.


~ BO

#2 29-11-2021 
Hi dear BO, hope you fine too! Yes, I was wondering myself too about Lee. Anyways, let her have our love from us all, smallish fishes. Kisses to everyone!

poisson, from France (Damien)

#3 29-11-2021 

Sadly lee passed away a month or so back.

#4 30-11-2021 
A little over three months ago, apparently. I was just updated on this in PM.
This is a sad thing... I have no idea what to do with this information. This site has always needed her, and in my eyes, it still does!

R.I.P. Leefish. Sadly, I never knew you in RL, but online you were one of my greatest friends, and I will miss you terribly.
To her partner B I would say, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

#5 30-11-2021 
Oh, no - Lee has been in my simming life for years. Are there any details? I will post this in my updates.

I second your condolences to her partner and am willing to also help if needed.

Hugs to all.


#6 01-12-2021 
Was she ill? Was it something that was expected? Or was it totally out of the blue?

Sorry... but this is a shock - especially finding out that it was 3 months ago and I (and apparently quite the few others) had no idea.

RIP dear Lee. And hugs to B.

#7 01-12-2021 
I have pm'd HL at Sims2Artists to see if there's more information.

#8 01-12-2021 
I knew nothing of this! What a shock!
I am extremely upset and saddened to hear this news - what happened?

Grace, peace, and prayers to her family and loved ones {{{hugs}}}

#9 01-12-2021 
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I'm really sorry to hear this news. Condolences to everyone, What sad news.

#10 01-12-2021 
Oh no! she will be missed Sad


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