I Think I Messed Up My TS2 Game...
#1 14-12-2021 
So in order for the game to get the full 4GB and for the game to play without crashing, I followed a tutorial on moving the TS2exe to the CSBIN to be able to play with the game being able to use the full 4GB. So I’ve gotten a different graphics card (now have an invidia) and I wanted to do the graphics rule fixer but the program wasn’t able to find the game and even when searching manually, it would say that the CSBIN folder was empty when it wasn’t. So here is where I think I messed something up…. I figured that I could just backtrack and cut the TS2exe and paste it back in the TSBIN and let the graphics rule program do its work. I then cut the TS2exe and placed it back in the CSBIN and now the game will not Launch at all. I do have a backup in the TSBIN folder though. Can someone help me, please?

I hope I posted this in the right area.

#2 14-12-2021 
Hi @SimsPlayer,

Here is what I think I know about it, with no guarantee that I'm 100% right:

Once you start the game, the executable MUST load into some area of RAM memory, and the amount of RAM needed is NOT influenced by where on the harddisk the executable is stored; whether it is in the TSBin or in the CSBin, should not make any difference for the loading process.
To have 4 GB of RAM available before loading the game, you must at least have 6 GB or more in your system. And 6 GB is really the absolute minimum; more is better!
And, of course, you must have the executable patched to accept 4 GB. But even if you have all that, the game will, as far as I'm aware, still load in the 4GB that you set aside for it.

In fact, I wonder if it's even wise to put the executable in the CSBin. You could perhaps do that with object.package files, but with TS2-EPx.exe?? I'm not sure...

#3 14-12-2021 

I followed a tutorial on youtube a little while back when my game wasn't picking up on the 4GB patch and she said to move the TS2exe over to the CSBIN and from there my game was working with no problem. It wasn't until yesterday when I needed to use the graphic rule maker for the new graphics card I have installed on my PC which is a nvidia card. I thought cutting the TS2exe and pasting it back to the TSBIN that I wouldn't have an issue with the game.

#4 14-12-2021 
After running GRM, did you even try to run with it still in tsbin? Because csbin is a bit of a last resort thing.

#5 15-12-2021 

I got the game to launch. Turns out I had to delete my cache files and my thumbnails. However, I ran into another issue. When I play my game now when on a lot, items will begin to flash purple/pink, and sometimes even the Sims will turn that color too and glide around in the "T" shape. I have tried every tutorial and helpful resource that are out and nothing seems to help me. I fixed all those errors when I had my AMD graphics card and now I have an Nvidia graphics card and the issue is definitely different and seems like my game is now unplayable. I can go on the lot that I choose to play and play for maybe 10 mins and then the flashing starts. My game has also crashed in the middle of loading. I would even enter the cheat code boolProp useShaders false and that doesn't help either. My game also crashed last night after entering the cheat. I have attached my dxdiag to this post in hopes for a better solution.
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 95.87 KB / Downloads: 227)

#6 22-12-2021 
I also have a nvidia 1080 graphics card if that would help. Or is there just nothing else that could be done as far as getting this game to work without all the pink flashing? I have literally tried everything.

#7 23-12-2021 
What we need to see is not so much the DxDiag (though that is somewhat helpful...)
We need to see the YOURNAME-config-log.txt from the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\
Once we see that, we can better help with your issues.

#8 28-12-2021 

Sorry about that. File attached. Thank you for replying.

.txt  CONFIG LOG.txt (Size: 10.6 KB / Downloads: 250)

#9 28-12-2021 
The first thing I would try, is to go into GRM and lower the Texture Memory to 8192 MB, or maybe even just 4096 MB... Because nobody needs 16GB of texture memory, unless they have only 4k-poly objects and outfits. And in the name of all that is holy to you, switch of that dawg-darned "Force Texture Memory" thing... it causes more harm than good!

#10 28-12-2021 
Disable Texture Memory Estimate Adjustment: No <-- This should be yes.


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