Sims 2 config log problem
#1 21-12-2021 
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I downloaded the 4GB Patch and applied it to the .exe and it was succesful but in my configs log it recognizes as 1024 mb even though I have more than the required memory.
I have tried so many things to try and resolve all the issues but this is the one that seems to be the bigger one.

#2 21-12-2021 

At the bottom of this page, right above the field where you enter whatever you want to say, we've included a note telling what we need in order to be able to help. Because we DO want to help, but we are neither clair-voyant nor mind-readers. Of all the issues we have, people failing or refusing to follow or even read these instructions, seems to be the bigger one.

#3 21-12-2021 
How did you apply the patch? Did you use CFF explorer? NT Core patch? Did you try to use either of those while the .exe was in protected folders (ie: program files)?


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  1. The -config-log.txt from the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\ Click "full editor" below to attach a text file.
  2. Your operating System.
  3. What the problem actually is - that will be a picture to show the problem (optional), and accompanying text files that turn up (optional), and a detailed description of what happened, and what you expected to happen.

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