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I'm attempting to solve a myriad of issues I'm having with getting Sims 2 working without needing to use windowed mode (if I don't I get the dreaded DirectX 9.0c error). The top 2 issues I'm experiencing are that in my config log I am receiving the <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>> message. I have attempted to follow the video cards fix here: the problem is when I open my Video Cards file, my card isn't an option (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650) so I'm not sure how to move forward with that fix. On top of that I can't seem to get the 4 GB patch to work either, and have tried all the tricks I could find including replacing my sims2ep9.exe file with the George version. I am working with a brand new laptop that is running Windows 11. Config log attached.

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You could do the following, provided you know how to handle a text editor:

Go to the TSData/Res/Config folder of your latest expansion pack, and when there, open the file "Video Cards.sgr" in a text editor.
Then find the first line that reads:
vendor "NVIDIA" 0x10b4 0x12d2 0x10de
Directly below that line, insert a new line, reading:
card 0x1f9d "NVidia GeForce GTX 1650"

Then save the file, start the game, quit again, and see in the config-log if it has worked!

Good luck, and Happy Simming.
~ BO


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