RTX 3060 problem and Win 10
#1 13-01-2022 
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[Image: d4e138df938fc352a08f1332e204c051f5c1d278.jpg]
I don't know how to repair my TS2 game again, it is getting worse and worse, now in addition to having the annoying Pink Flash, it closes when entering a lot.
This has given me more of a headache, since I have a more powerful computer (I keep updating it and it keeps making the game worse).
I have done all the methods that appear on the internet, I have the RPC of Lazy Duchess, which includes the 4 GB patch, and I applied the Graphic Rules.

The specifications of my PC are:
CPU: Intel Core i9 9900k
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 12gb VRAM
Ram: 24GB
Operating system: Window 10

#2 14-01-2022 
No config-log file attached, no help. Sorry, but without the information of config-log.txt, there's not much we can do except give some very general pointers, all of which, I suspect, you've already heard before.


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