Access Violation crashes on NVIDIA graphics card
#1 16-02-2022 
I've tried multiple things to try to make TS2 work on my new laptop with GeForce GTX 1650, but I still struggle with Access Violation crashes whenever I load one or two families.
* 4 GB Patch with Sims2RPC, but I left the graphics settings to "Classic"
* Applying GRM 2.0.0 and checked the first two options
* Applied Memory Allocation for Windows 10
* DXVK applied (only added the 32-bit d3d9 file to TSfiles)
* Set all the EXE files to High Performance to let it read the graphics card instead of RAM (EP9 as well as RPC)
* Texture memory set to 1024 MB (both in GRM and dxvk.conf)
* Compressorized CCs (I saved myself a couple of GBs)
* Tried playing a hood without CCs because I temporarily moved out CCs, which resulted in no crashing problems.

On the previous laptop, I've played TS2 without 4 GB patch because the RAM only was 4 GB. It was also prone to crashing, but not as quickly as on this new laptop (I could load multiple families and build and decorate houses, but loading CAS thumbnails was iffy). Does this mean my new laptop specs are not very compatible with TS2? Or should I tweak something else regarding memory settings? (e.g. virtual memory) Or should I simply cut down on the number of CCs? (currently 14.5 GB and 73.5K files)

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#2 16-02-2022 
DXVK can cause crashes. Did you install it just because or did you actually have alot of pink flashing? If the latter, it might be the version you are using. No idea which version it should be though.

#3 16-02-2022 
@HugeLunatic thank you for the quick reply! Before, I had severe pink flashing in hood view, hence I resorted to DXVK. I use version 1.9.4. Which version do you recommend instead?
Also, what are your thoughts on GRM 2.0.0? (I heard mixed reviews about GRM, but I understood the negative reviews are more related to the old version)

#4 16-02-2022 
The new GRM is perfectly safe.

I have been battling a similar problem - and the best I can come up with is that it is a CC issue. (Which, I really hate to say! *sigh*)
If you take out all your CC - except for mods that actually change how the game plays; and the essential mods (nounlink, antiredundancy stuffs, etc.)
Do you still have AccessViolation crashes?
Have you used HCDU+ to check for mod conflicts? (

For the record - I do not use that DVX thing, or any of LazyDuchess's stuff. Or the new user interface - I like my game to look like the old TS2.

The working theory right now is that there is a "cap" on how many OBJD/meshes you can have. (BS/Clothes doesn't seem to matter.)
My game - freshly generated - can handle just over 4gb of CC - mostly build objects. I have 64Gb RAM plus another 12gb on my graphics card.

#5 16-02-2022 
@CatherineTCJD I did playtesting with most CCs moved out, except the mods, and no crash happened. However, I also played in a hood I don't usually play and use it for playtesting with CCs moved out.

I run HCDU+ periodically and do have some conflicts, but some are intended and can be fixed by changing loading order. And some conflicts are related to duplicate files. I must say that I have more GBs of objects than clothes/hairs, but I'm pretty bummed if the cap is lower on this laptop with better graphics than on the previous one where I couldn't apply 4 GB memory patch and thus no Sims2RPC (it made my game more crash-prone even though I disabled 4 GB patch). I do choose use the Clean UI due to better resolution alignment.

So now I wonder:
1. How to remove the DVXT tool safely?
2. Which 4 GB patch is the most up to date? I've saw George being mentioned in several threads, but I don't know where I can find an up-to-date link.
3. Can I run the game through EP09 instead without removing LD's Sims2RPC?

#6 16-02-2022 
"George" is 4gb enabled already - and it should be linked on here somewhere (it's from Kiri.)
I don't know how to remove the dvx/RPC stuff, because I never used it. But, help should come along soon... for that.
I have always used George to load my game. ("Always" = since 2008 or so.)

I hate to say it, but I also think compressorizing files might cause some of the problems too. I am in process of re-creating my DL folder without compressorizing any of it.
The new non-compressorized DL folder is up to 8Gb of CC (again, mostly build/completer sets.) It's not organized, and is a real mess!
Whereas my organized old CC folder (with compressorized files) CTDs if I go over 4Gbs. *sigh*

#7 16-02-2022 
@CatherineTCJD I've started the game through the George patch instead of S2RPC, removed the DXVK files, increased the texture memory to 2048 MB, and replaced the compressorized files with the non-compressorized backup.
Results: no pink flashing, but after loading the 3rd family, the game crashed...

Should I increase the texture memory, or should I modify something in NVIDIA?

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#8 17-02-2022 
(16-02-2022 10:21 PM)Softlism Wrote:  Results: no pink flashing, but after loading the 3rd family, the game crashed...

Should I increase the texture memory, or should I modify something in NVIDIA?

I don't think you should do anything. You could double youe texture memory, but it's not really necessary.
In general, it's wise to shut down and reload the game after every one or two households you play, anyway. Because the game is a bit messey when it comes to claiming and releasing memory, which can cause crashing. My game runs perfectly fine without compressurising, and without RPC, DXVK, DVXT, GRM, or any other acronym, but I always shut down and reload after every household. Some acronyms that I do use, however, are NSL and NTM. But hey, as the creator of those mods, I feel obligated to use those, as well as Unlimited Sims and a bunch of others. (shameless plug)
So maybe, you should do nothing at all and, at least for now, accept that it works as well as it does.

#9 17-02-2022 
@BoilingOil that would be a pity! I do wonder, what value should I set for Virtual Memory? Is it safe to set it higher than the recommended value, or only equal or lower than te recommended value? (see screenshot of my first post)

#10 17-02-2022 
Don't go higher than this (is the recommended):
Available OS Memory: 14188MB RAM

I am wondering if it's still a CC conflict - if your houses have CC in them.
What happens in a new CCFree hood after playing 3 families?

...and of course! @BoilingOil, I wouldn't dream of loading the game without NSL - that is an essential mod! Cool


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