Spring Break
#1 12-03-2022 
Spring break this year was rather boring and calm which I prefer anyway. The most memorable spring break that I have had was in March 2020. I was pursuing an associates degree at that point and the plan was to visit Michigan for a week during break with dad dropping me off at Grandma's apartment. Dad wasn't spending the week in Michigan because he had work. Throughout the week the situation regarding COVID grew worse then New York practically shut down. Dad couldn't drive over to Michigan because New York was shut down and he was worried that if he drove to Michigan, he would be stuck there. In the meantime, my University postponed returning to classes while professors scrambled to put together online classes for their students. My one week stay in Michigan turned into a three month stay. I was living in the dorms at the time so I had to send my dorm key in the mail to dad so that he could retrieve my stuff and turn in my key. I am thankful that Grandma had a computer and internet even if there was no wifi for my laptop. I was glad that I had installed Sims 4 on the laptop before spring break. Also my dad's car broke down for good so he had to get another car so that he could pick me up in June.

That is the tale of my most memorable spring break of my life.


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