Drives You Crazy!
#1 15-03-2022 
What is driving you crazy in your current Sims game? For me it is Dustin Broke who indicates that he is bored but keeps doing stuff that does not boost his fun.

#2 15-03-2022 
Sims who roll the want to do a certain thing, but then start huffing and puffing and breaking the fourth wall when you tell them to, because they couldn't imagine autonomously doing it.

And to be more specific: sims who roll the want to be fit, but cannot be arsed to do any training; most certainly not autonomously, unless you give them a home trainer, in which case they train themselves to death. And the males are the worst. If you tell females to train, they will often continue training until ALL their needs are turning orange, or until one of them reaches total failure. Most males, however, take a bunch of off time as soon as only ONE need comes even near the yellow stage. And it's not only fitness, where you see this division between the sexes.
I've actually begun to actively dislike most male sims for this reason: they're seldom pleasant to work with.

Also, sims who want to get some of that chubbiness off their gut, but then every chance they get, they start stuffing their face instead of just getting a normal, healthy meal in their pie-hole.

#3 15-03-2022 
Wait... are you talking about sims or humans? Confused

#4 15-03-2022 
@CatherineTCJD, do you mean me? I don't have that much experience with humans, so... Rofl

#5 16-03-2022 
I understand that because I am an introvert who goes through the same schedule every single day. Seriously if the government was watching me, they would be bored to death.


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