The sims 2 black flashing
#1 25-04-2022 
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Sul sul , l have to say l have a problem with the sims 2 and l even reinstalled the game to see if this black flashing with some red flashing with pixels while building especcialy using the windows m doors , wallpaper , floor and changing sims role .
l had to publish on yotube to see if there was some people who had this problem , bcause l have dine some research and l found nothung about this issues.
l changed the Intel graphics and intel video card to see if there is some changes but the problem is still the same , on my config log it written that my game recognize my disk card but l really wonder how this would come and how l could fix it , cuz l wanna play the sims without any issues and l know that is an old game but l really love
here is it the video l have upload


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