Sims 2 Crashing When Loading Neighborhood
#1 17-07-2022 
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Hi, I've tried everything, but nothing I've found has helped.

I can open the game just fine, but as soon as I try to load into a neighborhood it'll crash after a bit. The neighborhood will load for about 10 seconds and, then the music will fade out and the sims 2 will stop responding. It won't show any errors, it'll just freeze and won't even let me close it half the time. I've definitely gotten it to work on this computer before, but that was years ago.

I've tried the 4gb patch, graphics rule maker for my graphics card, deleting the cache files, every little suggestion I could find online and nothing has worked.

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.txt  DESKTOP-1LNSGB4-config-log.txt (Size: 10.65 KB / Downloads: 203)

#2 17-07-2022 
Your config-log looks just fine to me; it shows nothing obviously wrong. Maybe we also need to see your DxDiag.txt?
I must admit, though: I'm grasping at straws here.

#3 18-07-2022 
Which version of the game are you running? ("The Sims 2 EP9" is not the UC...)
And, are you keeping things CC-Free until you get the game running?

#4 18-07-2022 
@CatherineTCJD, EP9 has always been M&G, so that must be what they're running. So their engine should be equivalent to the UC. XD

#5 20-07-2022 
While the folder may be SP9 inside of Fun with Pets, the exe is Sims2EP9. Always has been, even without collections.

#6 20-07-2022 
Ya'll are right! Mine is the same! Duh... I musta been having a not-quite-senior-moment *grumble*
I wonder why it struck me as so strange?

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sorry, I've had a bit of a hectic week so I haven't been able to reply-

But yea I'm using Ultimate Collection on origin

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.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 94.17 KB / Downloads: 169)

#8 23-07-2022 
Don't worry about your reply being a bit later, @emmbaa. There is no reason for you to apologise.
None of us are in that much of a hurry. We'll help fix your issues when YOU have time for us. Really, no problem.

So, let's go take a closer look.

Memory: 40960MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 40902MB RAM
Page File: 13233MB used, 33557MB available

Ok, stop looking for me, because I was blown away. This DxDiag suggest that your system has 40 GB of RAM? Really? FORTY? That's an awful lot.
And on top of that, you also have a 46 GB Pagefile going? What the heck does your computer need 86 GB of memory for?
My system has only a pityful 16 GB of RAM, and I've turned the Pagefile off from the start because I see no need for it.

And then I get to the Videocard Diag, and again I'm blown off my feet.

Display Memory: 26442 MB
Dedicated Memory: 5991 MB
Shared Memory: 20451 MB
Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (144Hz)

26442 MB of Display Memory? Did you slide sideways off your rocker? Is THAT what you needed such an insane amount of RAM for? To crank up your Display Memory?

6144 MB should be way more than enough unless you're using this machine for extremely high end graphics rendering on a professional level!
Nobody EVER needs 26442 MB for TS2 on just a 1920x1080 resolution screen.

I'm beginning to think this isn't a TS2 problem, actually.
This game is 18 years old, @emmbaa, it cannot work with such specs, because it was written in a time when most computers wouldn't even support more than 2GB yet, and only few people could afford to run on 4GB.

My personal diagnose here is, that your game just gives up, because it isn't made to manage the insane amounts of memory you allot it.

Turn off that pagefile PERMANENTLY, and reconfigure your videocard to NOT use that much shared memory.
Total Display memory should be 6144 MB, is my recommendation, which means it will only steal 153 MB from your system memory, instead of 20451 MB.
That should make things a lot better, because the game won't need to manage memory that it'n never going to use anyway.

Unless anyone else has something to throw in to correct me, please?

Oh, and please accept my sincere apology if the above seems a bit too direct, and I come off as rude, like I'm envious or something.
I have been known to come off as rude, which is totally never my intention. I just wouldn't know how else to say what I had to say here. Sorry!

Happy Simming,

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Thanks, I actually changed none of that and it works now. The problem was discord overlay.

#10 23-07-2022 
Okay, well that's something... At least I was right that it wasn't a TS2 problem.

Still I would suggest that you make those changes, anyway. They may not be required to get TS2 to run anymore, but not needing to manage that pagefile will significantly improve your system performance. And not wasting so much RAM to enhance your Display Memory might eventually serve you well, too. But that's your choice, of course.


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