upgraded to 8gb of ram - 4gb still not applying
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i have no idea anymore what to do anymore!!!

clearly i am missing something but i am so close to just uninstalling/reinstalling. how the heck do i get this 4gb patch to apply?

i tried it with the already patched sims2ep9 george download.

did graphic rules. did the other 4gb patch via NTcore and the game always crashes--even if i get into the buy/build mode catalog--about 1 minute after it loads a family or a lot. only the bodyshop seems to work, but i can't make sims forever.

i've renamed all my files, gotten rid of the unnecessary crap, REORGANIZED everything and nothing!!!!

any help is majorly appreciated. i would even pay someone just to fix my laptop so i can keep simming.

EDIT - made it worse, now the game won't even run. really close to just saying frack it and uninstalling. :/

edit i am uninstalling. disregard.

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#2 20-08-2022 
In 99.9% of the cases there are zero issues with the actual game install. Problems exist in the user documents folder.

Blindly following random threads on the internet however, will fry your computer.

Your pc has only 4Gb of RAM so trying to alter the game to use more than 4Gb of RAM is rather pointless and dangerous.

You have an integrated graphics card that has only 32Mb of dedicated memory and you are trying to force it use 16Gb

#3 20-08-2022 
Yeah, the date on the DxDiag is current, but it still reports you have only 4GB, so either that upgrade to 8GB never truly happened, or something went horribly wrong, like bad or broken memory was added...

(20-08-2022 01:05 PM)HugeLunatic Wrote:  You have an integrated graphics card that has only 32Mb of dedicated memory and you are trying to force it use 16Gb

Oh yes, Lunie spotted that one quite nicely. Having your videocard use four times as much RAM as you actually have in total, that's not going to work.


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