Unable to Find Config-Log.txt
#1 22-08-2022 
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Every time I open the game and select a neighborhood to start in, the game crashes. ((I originally couldn't even open the game but fixed that with the 4G patch.)) After searching for a bit it seems that it is an issue with graphics card.

All the solutions seemed to involve going into my config-log.txt, but I can't seem to locate that file. I don't have a folder specifically named "The Sims2" like many posts share. Perhaps because I never could officially start a save?

I have a 2080 Ti and a 3900x (not sure if CPU matters). I am playing on windows 10. I downloaded the game and various expansions through disk.

[Image: ypA4RTI]

#2 24-08-2022 
If you have successfully gotten to the neighborhood screen, then you have a sims 2 folder. You need to look in User/Documents/EA Games. Please also attach a dxdiag.


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