Discussion (1)Mix-N-Matching Plate/Bowl Defaults
Switching around default bowls and plate textures is very simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes!
What You'll Need
Optional Tools
Step 1

First we need to identify what exactly it is we're going to be moving. For the sake of demonstrating, I'm going to replace the bowl from daluved1_paintedplatereplacement_greenwh​itestripe.package (Package A) with the bowl from daluved1_simpleplatereplacement_eggshell​.package (Package B).

So, our Package B is the package you wish to take the textures from and Package A is the package you are going to put those textures in.
Step 2

Open Package B in S3PE.

For the sake of convenience, I kept all the original files names in my default replacement sets so it's easy to find which ones you're looking for. Since I want to swap out the bowls, I'm going to highlight the bowlSmall and bowlSmall_dirty _IMG files and export them.

If it's the plates you wish to change, you obviously would export the plateDinner _IMG file instead.

To export the files you:
  • Right Click -> Export -> To File
  • Resource -> Export -> To File
Close Package B
Don't see the file names?
If for some reason your package doesn't have file names, you can easily identify them by looking at the instance numbers.
  • bowlSmall - 0x857808C9476A1FD6
  • bowlSmall_dirty - 0x16E8DE149A465B8F
  • plateDinner - 0xA62558E5650C899B
Optional Editing
After exporting the textures you can open them in your editing program to change things up. You can recolor textures or add your own using the existing ones as guides. Just make sure to export your finished texture as a .dds image in DXT compression.
Step 3

Open Package A in S3PE. Go to Resource -> Import -> From File and select the files you just exported from Package B.

Upon successful import, you should have a dialogue box asking if you wish to Replace Duplicates. Make sure that option is selected. Also, make sure the Use Resource Name box is checked as well. After all settings are selected, click okay.
Step 4

If your import was truly successful, you should see lines drawn through the old files. This is good!

To commit your changes simply go to File -> Save As and give your item a new name. After saving, remove any other replacement dinnerware packages and drop yours in.

And that's it!
Remixing other peoples textures for personal use is certainly okay in my opinion. However uploading these remixes as your own is not. For me, daluved1, personally, I encourage mixing my sets. But, please do not reupload your combinations either as your own or on my behalf.


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