Poll: Should we phase out the LeeFish WIKI and use threads/posts instead?
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LeeFish WIKI stay or go?
#11 17-11-2010 
Lev - I appreciate the input - but as it is, I have to work within the constraints of the system. This is not really an issue for a simmer....its an issue for a coder.

I have a pal - lobster - I have contacted him- he may be able to look at the php code and figure out what is going on without needing to read the comments in the code (which is where the German comes in).

I CAN code - but this is one of the most complex plugins out there - we already have four of the biggest addons available for mybb right here on LeeFish -

MyNetwork, XThreads, Games Section and WIKI.

These four addons are about 40000 - 50000 lines of code. I can do simple tweaks on most stuff, but these modules/addons are massive. I don't want to take them out really, as they really do set leefish apart in terms of look and feel, but they do need to work in harmony with the rest of the site.

NOW all we need is some stuff Big Grin
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#12 18-11-2010 
(16-11-2010 06:21 PM)Cmo Wrote:  I can't decide either way on this. I saw the Milkshape entries and decided I could do the Blender side. But if it's a headache to manage now, how hard will it be down the road? The wiki is a good thing, but not if it's going to be a burden to you.

(17-11-2010 01:49 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  The wiki is one something that no other site has. At least, not in the way it was implemented here... It would be a shame if the wiki had to go.

Just one thing, please... If you *do* decide to actually destroy it, warn me beforehand, so I can back up my SimPE articles first.

Well, I have looked through the remarks on this thread - maybe if I edited the poll......

I think it comes down to this - the WIKI does work - I can get it to do some neat things, but there are somethings I can't do:

I cannot make it so we can edit in the THREAD - only in the wiki.
I cannot make it so that the avatar of the person who posted is in the post as its a WIKI (therefore if the post was edited by another user - which is what wiki's are designed to do- it would keep updating the thread with the latest avatar - assuming I could even get it to do THAT - which would be a miracle)
I cannot make it so users can add post prefixes or icons to the threads (I will see if I can do that via the DB - that is easy and NOT a lot of work)
I have managed to make a trick whereby category headers will NOT show in the resources threads - I move the buggers to an archive.

Also BO - I would not just delete stuff without asking copying etc - that is not MY stuff to delete. When I had to reinstall the wiki a couple of months ago I copied ALL dals attachments and text FIRST before I did anything.

Conclusion: We keep the wiki and I will see if lobster can help us at all - he says the same as me though - AWESOME plugin (its an incredible piece of work) but gee the documentation and coding comments are a nightmare.....
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#13 18-11-2010 
that sounds cool Lee ... Huh oh how i am confuzzled though ...

#14 19-11-2010 
Indeed, Lev. It seems that that is your base state............
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#15 19-11-2010 
Haha, he had that one coming. Well played, Lee Wink

#16 20-11-2010 
lol ... at least its not high on energy drinks or sugar


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