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To those people who are still using version 1.3, I apologize for the horrible substandard abomination I inflicted upon you all before. There was little - if any - excuse for that. Now I offer you version 1.6, which will actually do as I promise you here.

There are multiple mods out there that allow for autonomous storing of leftovers. Three of them I know of: dizzy (sorry, no link available), AncientHighway (also no link), and MogHughson each have made their own versions. They all missed something, though...

This new mod (version 1.6) is a cleaned up, efficient mod that allows for autonomous storage of leftovers. And it's smaller than all the others mentioned.
But there are some twists to how mine works:
  • Sitting sims will NOT get up to autonomously store leftovers or clean up dishes. EVER!
  • On ANY lot where a Dorm Cook works (either real dorms, or fakes with Inge Jones' ijStoveNPCalwaysPatch from Simlogical, for example), sims will NEVER autonomously store leftovers.
  • On ANY lot where a Dorm Cook works (as above), dishes can ONLY be autonomously cleaned up, if they're NOT in the cafeteria.
  • On any other residential lot, sims will NEVER autonomously clean up a dish that could be stored as leftovers, UNLESS they're already collecting dishes to clean up, in which case they may also pick up leftovers.
  • When cleaning up, sims will now collect 7 dishes maximum, in stead of 5 (one serving platter plus the six food dishes it should provide by default).
  • Sloppy sims and children may autonomously lick plates clean.

There are two versions of the mod in this archive:

BO - Food Dish Autonomy.package : This is the standard version, do NOT use this if you have MogHughson's Simply Leftovers, because they will clash. This clash can not be resolved. The last mod to load will control how leftovers are handled. (see LOAD ORDER)

BO - Food Dish Autonomy-MogH.package: This is the alternative version, designed for use WITH MogHughson's Simply Leftovers. Do NOT use this if you don't have MogHughson's mod. HCDU *will* report a conflict, but this is an intentional LOAD ORDER issue! The latest version of Mog's mod (dated september 2010) *must* be present, and it *must* load *before* mine!

(Note: in previous versions, the 'MogH' version was named differently. Be sure to remove the old version, when you start using this new one)

Of course, you use only *one* of these two package files. Loading both is nonsense, and can only result in problems!

UPDATE, May 23rd, 2015 (mod filedate April 30st, 2012): Version 1.6 is a cleaned-up version that I meant to release three years ago, but did not get around to before my system broke. I cannot determine if this update fixes anything important other than just efficiency and filesize, so I'm not saying that one must re-download. UNLESS one encounters any kind of issues with the previous version, in which case that is my *first* advise. Because I *do* recall some people reporting problems long ago, but as long as I have been running this version, I have not seen any issues myself. So if you're not yet using version 1.6, in case of any issues I will not be able to offer any support other than "Oh my, I'm so sorry for your troubles...".

UPDATE, March 1st, 2016: It seems that I have mis-represented this mod's requirements. The minimal EP required is "Bon Voyage", not "Seasons" as I stated earlier. I'm deeply ashamed of this screw-up, for which I offer my most sincere apologies.

Happy Simming.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#41 29-05-2020
Hi @lauraplayssims,

I may - as the thread on MTS suggests - be retired, but I do continue to support my mods for as long as I am able. So you're right to ask for help. Smart thing of you to come over here...

I've had food- and fridge-related jump bugs, but they were never related to my mod. So I could be wrong, but the combination of both the clean-up bug AND the jump-bug leads me to believe that there is something else going on.

First, I would like you to try re-downloading both mods (if you haven't already done that), because one or both of the mods could have been corrupted during a move or a defrag operation.
Second, if you have already tried the above, then I would like to know the following:
a> what EPs do you have installed?
b> on what type of lots does this problem happen?

My third suggestion: I would like you to try using the Hack Conflict Detection Utility to get a conflict report, and attach the hackreport.txt file to your next message.

If you're on Windows 10, you may have trouble getting HCDU to work properly. If that happens, I hope that you can find help elsewhere on how to get it to work, because alas, I do not have Win10, and can thus not help with that.

I'll wait for your reply, and see what I can do with the information you can give. Good luck.

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To use HCDU on Windows 10, the player will need to do a couple things first. They are quick and easy. In C:\Users\****\Documents\EA Games, create a folder called The Sims 2. In the new The Sims 2 folder, create a folder called Downloads. Copy the mods into that folder and then run HCDU. The utility hasn't been updated in a long time for those of us who use Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. This method might work for others who may have a different drive path for their games to run from. This is the one way I know of that works for a majority of players across the community. Hope this helps!

#43 11-06-2020
Hi @Storme_87,

Thank you for that. It will be helpful to all those that have trouble getting it to work with the UC, as well as some who may find difficulty on Win10. where - I've heard - it can sometimes be a female dog as well.

I would suggest, though, that you include a line that the HCDU is also not likely to ever BE updated further, because the author has moved on to greener pastures (as in, things that make more of those 'green' pieces of paper).

#44 30-06-2020
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BoilingOil, thanks for replying and for taking my request into consideration despite your retirement! I apologise for the delay myself in getting back to you. I'll follow your steps above tonight, including the HDCU step (thanks also Storme_87 for that tip, I'm aware of it from being a UC user but it's good to get the word out!).


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