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To those people who are still using version 1.3, I apologize for the horrible substandard abomination I inflicted upon you all before. There was little - if any - excuse for that. Now I offer you version 1.6, which will actually do as I promise you here.

There are multiple mods out there that allow for autonomous storing of leftovers. Three of them I know of: dizzy (sorry, no link available), AncientHighway (also no link), and MogHughson each have made their own versions. They all missed something, though...

This new mod (version 1.6) is a cleaned up, efficient mod that allows for autonomous storage of leftovers. And it's smaller than all the others mentioned.
But there are some twists to how mine works:
  • Sitting sims will NOT get up to autonomously store leftovers or clean up dishes. EVER!
  • On ANY lot where a Dorm Cook works (either real dorms, or fakes with Inge Jones' ijStoveNPCalwaysPatch from Simlogical, for example), sims will NEVER autonomously store leftovers.
  • On ANY lot where a Dorm Cook works (as above), dishes can ONLY be autonomously cleaned up, if they're NOT in the cafeteria.
  • On any other residential lot, sims will NEVER autonomously clean up a dish that could be stored as leftovers, UNLESS they're already collecting dishes to clean up, in which case they may also pick up leftovers.
  • When cleaning up, sims will now collect 7 dishes maximum, in stead of 5 (one serving platter plus the six food dishes it should provide by default).
  • Sloppy sims and children may autonomously lick plates clean.

There are two versions of the mod in this archive:

BO - Food Dish Autonomy.package : This is the standard version, do NOT use this if you have MogHughson's Simply Leftovers, because they will clash. This clash can not be resolved. The last mod to load will control how leftovers are handled. (see LOAD ORDER)

BO - Food Dish Autonomy-MogH.package: This is the alternative version, designed for use WITH MogHughson's Simply Leftovers. Do NOT use this if you don't have MogHughson's mod. HCDU *will* report a conflict, but this is an intentional LOAD ORDER issue! The latest version of Mog's mod (dated september 2010) *must* be present, and it *must* load *before* mine!

(Note: in previous versions, the 'MogH' version was named differently. Be sure to remove the old version, when you start using this new one)

Of course, you use only *one* of these two package files. Loading both is nonsense, and can only result in problems!

UPDATE, May 23rd, 2015 (mod filedate April 30st, 2012): Version 1.6 is a cleaned-up version that I meant to release three years ago, but did not get around to before my system broke. I cannot determine if this update fixes anything important other than just efficiency and filesize, so I'm not saying that one must re-download. UNLESS one encounters any kind of issues with the previous version, in which case that is my *first* advise. Because I *do* recall some people reporting problems long ago, but as long as I have been running this version, I have not seen any issues myself. So if you're not yet using version 1.6, in case of any issues I will not be able to offer any support other than "Oh my, I'm so sorry for your troubles...".

UPDATE, March 1st, 2016: It seems that I have mis-represented this mod's requirements. The minimal EP required is "Bon Voyage", not "Seasons" as I stated earlier. I'm deeply ashamed of this screw-up, for which I offer my most sincere apologies.

Happy Simming.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#37 13-05-2020
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I love this mod, but there is one thing that bugs me a little.
My sims keep putting food in the fridge when their hungerbar is half empty.
I think they would rather eat the food at that time.
They also put away the food even if there is someone who is still hungry.
I would like it if they didn't store food when there are still hungry sims around.

#38 13-05-2020
@Norica, you know what? I'd like it if sims left food on the table for hungry family members or roommates, too. Sad thing is, however, that sims never know when other sims are hungry.

The fact that they ignore their own hunger... what can I say? Sims are not smart. In most households I have one sim make a few group meals and store them in the fridge as single plates. Then whenever a sim gets hungry, did you think they would go to the fridge and take out one of the plates? Of course not! They get some quick, unhealthy snack instead, or they stuff their faces! No, I have to tell them to get a plate from the fridge. I have never solved that problem! Nowadays, I tell my sims when to eat and what to eat. Because if I leave it to them to decide, they mess it up!

The best advice I can give, is to encourage your sims to be sloppier or less neat. Not a lot, of course, but maybe if they lose one or two point in neatness, they will not be so fanatic about putting plates away.

#39 14-05-2020
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I know, sims can be sooo stupid Tongue
Well, if nothing can be done, than so be it.
Thanks anyway

#40 27-05-2020
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Hi Boiling Oil, been using your mods a long time and really appreciate them! Want to get that out there before I ask for help... Smile I'm having some trouble with your mod and MoghHughson's. I have your MH compatible version, and I ensured that I followed your loading order.

The problem is that it doesn't let Sims wash up or clean full dishes of food, even if they're stale. Clicking on them does nothing bar the usual options of "eat" or "put away leftovers". This results in full, putrid food dishes piling up that cannot be disposed of... unless a Sim risks food poisoning and eats from them! Empty dishes can be cleaned up, and if Sims are directed to/autonomously clean up an empty dish, they'll take the stale full dishes too. But they cannot be cleaned up when clicked individually.

I cannot confirm that this is related, but I've also noticed a jump bug happening around the fridge after a lot has been played for a while. It's basically that, after some time on the lot, the fridge becomes unusuable either for leftovers or cooking. You can click to prepare a meal or take leftovers, and it even seems as if the leftover dishes in the fridge might decrease, but the Sim resets and nothing is done. I can't verify this one as easily in terms of being a result of the mods, but I've only noticed it happening since installing the two mods. Only solution is to sell the fridge and buy a new one (forcing an error on the stuck fridge doesn't help, nor does using the Batbox to clear stuck fridge tiles etc).

I have a number of other mods installed relating to leftovers (Dizzy's, and the food already available fix from TwoJeff). I removed these, leaving your mod and MoghHughson's in, and the problems persisted. On removing both mods, the option to clean up full dishes of food returned (can't say anything for sure on the fridge bug yet).

I found one MTS thread also raising this as an issue back in 2018, so I'm reasonably certain this is not unique to my game. Is this something you would consider looking into? If not, I understand completely since it's a big ask. I enjoy your mod, and had the standalone version for quite a while, so I can go back to that set-up, but with the exception of the smelly food dishes piling up, I like using both your mod and MoghHughson's.


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