Can't play without.....
#11 05-06-2011 
Ghetto talk fail.
Here is how ya do it
"hmmm gurrrrrrrl get those blank shizzez outta mah nake and we be talkin gurrl"

#12 05-06-2011 
Nah, Xander got the picture even without me blabbering like that Wink

#13 05-06-2011 
I have no idea what a "blank shizzez" is. Sounds quite painful though.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#14 06-06-2011 
Lol Lee, I was gonna Say S***s But Nonni Would have a heart attack over it lol

#15 06-06-2011 
In alphabetical order:

BO - Butler is No Nanny
BO - BNS - No Cooking
BO - BNS - No Feeding
BO - BottomlessBottle
BO - Feed Baby
BO - Quick Bedmaking

Warning DO NOT READ if you are easily offended

*re: language - don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, I don't have a heart attack... I have a heartache over children learning and practicing vulgarity in their speech. I grew up with a dear, sweet mom who blew hot and the 'hells' and 'damns' flew about with regularity. But the f***, the c*** and many more words that constitute a good portion of modern day descriptive vocabulary were unknown to me even in intimate conversation until the last 5 to 10 years. Don't know how to handle it. Not very laid back and cool. I get to where I just stay away because I am an old fuddie-duddie and my psyche can handle only so much.*

#16 06-06-2011 
I think I should add my list here, too. What do I just *need* while playing my game? What can I NOT do without? It's a tough question for me, because my game is so heavily modified, and I'd probably miss any tiny thing that got misplaced. But here goes, trying to list the most important stuff:

By TwoJeffs: The SimBlender, ACR, Smart Beds, Schoolbus - Bring Friend Dialog, Homework Sometimes, Same Sex Marriage, HaveChildNotAdopt, BabyWantsFix, Preg-For-All-Genders, and many others.
By Pescado: Macrotastics, FFS Lot Debugger (Batbox), Phonehack, AutoYak, AutoSoc, wfsanity, no20khandouts, marriage-traditional, and several others.
By Cyjon: BetterLightningRods, HelpHomeworkOwner, PlantSimFix, PracticePerformChanges, and some others.
By Inge: ApartmentFixes, Inge's School System, ApologizeForgiveAL, RelationshipsFT, DressMakeBed, and some more.
By Leefish: Every friggin' window or door she made.
By Michelle and Sunni 9676: many recolors they both made for all kinds of stuff. Finally some things actually match!
By Marhis: Genderprefs, socialgroupseverybody
By Selzi: many hair recolors, a set of skins and face replacements.
By myself: No Sim Loaded, Feed Baby, Remote Dorm Doors, Reward Catalog, Alien Experiments, Phone Makeover, and virtually everything else I made.

And the list goes on and on and on... because there are many more by at least a dozen other people that I would NOT want to miss!


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