Hi from Alet
#11 25-02-2011 
yea, but you get a point for updating your avatar Smile
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#12 25-02-2011 
Although that point is immediately lost again, because you introduce yourself in another member's intro thread in stead of your own <hehehe, evil smirk>

#13 25-02-2011 
awwwww (gee BO is tough.......)
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#14 25-02-2011 
Can I get my point back if I send BO a big hug and kiss?
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#15 25-02-2011 
Dunno, will have to ask BO - I think he secretly is a big fluffy teddy bear, so probably Smile
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#16 25-02-2011 
That is not what you were commenting about when we were discussing BO's other ID, Typo @ Simbology...

BO should be careful if Shell is being nice.

I would be worried if she were being nice.

#17 25-02-2011 
uh oh Michelle Being nice !!! thats like swimming with sharks , eating lava and Paying for pay hairs (Peggy's pay hairs to be exact and specific /levini doesn't want to mention the site of the evil people (not PMBD) )

BTW Leefishy im not vegan .... [url=Being nice ]im a ova lacto vegeterian[/url]

#18 25-02-2011 
@Nonni: my ID @ Simbology isn't Typo, but the same as here: BoilingOil, or BO for short, but Ted (my real name) is also OK Wink

And as for your warning about Shell being nice; I'll remember that <grin>

@leefish: you're right: I'm a big fluffy teddy bear, as my momma was inspired by the story how the teddy bear was named after Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. But there's nothing secret about it; everyone may know that you can win me over with a big hug and a kiss. Big Grin

@Michelle: go ahead, see what it gets you Wink

#19 26-02-2011 
Hmmmmmm I guess if everyone is going psychotic today i am just going to do something crazy ... /Levini Pukes glitter on Dals Desk

@Nonnii : BO is really going to challenge MICHELLE !!!??? /levini gasps

BO : BO please dont challenge Michelle ... you will die ... or quite possibly be badly injured ...

@Michellee : please go soft on BO dont put him in a full body cast ... or in a hospital ... or in a morgue ... please dont ...
Cue dramatic sound effects

well anyhoo what were we all talking about ... oh Alet ... HAI ALET!!!! Big Grin

#20 26-02-2011 
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LOL I really enjoyed this conversation!

Well, I'm pleased to meet you Lee and BO/Teddy Smile

Hi Nonni! Hi Jim!

Thanks for the very warm and amusing welcome you all!


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