What started you simming?
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(31-10-2018 01:23 AM)Kunder Wrote:  Well, The time had come..... <...snip...>
Feels good to be nice. Smile

And now you have me completely confused. So this story tells us that you bought the game twice, and gave both copies away...
OK, I get how that makes you nice, and how that gives you a great feeling. Because it *is* nice to be nice.

But here's the confusing part... You say you buy a set from this girl. Then you send her *original* set back to her, you say.
Then later, you say you bought a set from Ebay, which you sent her, while you gave *her* set to a friend...
These statements cannot both be right. If you sent back the original set, then you could not give that set to your friend as well. And if the girl had back her original set, then why did you send her the set that you bought off Ebay?

Also, all of that does NOT explain in the least how you got to play sims yourself -- which is, what this thread is about.

So, could you please explain further? Because I'm totally in the dark, here...


I bought "Box-O-Sims" at a yard sale.


I bought the Sims series once at a yard sale. I bought a SECOND copy of the original "The Sims", because I gave away the original "The Sims" I got in the yard sale box. "Sarah" now has that.

"Sarah" also got my daughters copy of Sims 4 (by accident).

I kept all the flash drives. I play off of those.

I hope this clears it up. Smile
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Ah, yes, much less confusing. Thank you! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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(31-10-2018 07:23 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  Ah, yes, much less confusing. Thank you! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Glad I could help you out there, buddy. Big Grin

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I think the first time I saw the sims was version 1 at a friends house and I liked it right away. But I didn't have my own computer yet and no money for a game like that either. After Sims 2 came out I played it a few times at friends houses but I still didn't have the money for it (I'm a little obsessed with things like that, meaning wanting the game meant having ALL of it or nothing). Finally in 2009 the sims 3 was released and the brother of my best friend just gave me all of his sims 2 cds. It was during summer holidays and I don't think I saw any sun at all cause I was just crazy about the game.
I got the complete pack with all expansions&stuff packs from him. I didn't have a good internet connection yet but I knew about cc from my friends so I asked them if they could get me some. I ended up with cds full of stuff they just burned right from their downloads folder (which as you can imagine was quite a mess Wink )
So I guess I'm actually playing for 10 years now (on and off) didn't even realise that until now. It feels longer, probably of all the time I obsessed over it before having it. It's exactly the kind of game that speaks to me, mostly because I can mod&cheat to get my way. That's usually something that puts me off in other games when they force their methods or time management on me. I enjoy the building the most and I even tried other programms for that like House Filipper, Chief Architect or Sweet Home 3d but none of it had the charm or the great community the sims have.
When I got my latest computer with win 10 I needed another hard disk and since it was a cheap computer there weren't enough slots in it so I had to use the one from my CD-Drive. Luckily I can still play the sims with the nocdfix (wherever I got that from) but I still regret that I missed out on that Ultimate Collection offer.
I'm still amazed how fast the game is running nowadays with newer computers. It doesn't seem to matter how much cc I dump in my downloads folder whereas I can remember times when the game without any cc took enough time to load to cook dinner meanwhile.


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