What started you modding?
#1 04-06-2011 
In lieu with Lee's What started you simming? thread, I'd like to ask fellow modders of everything from Bodyshop recols to custom BHAVs: What started you modding? Was it something in particular, or did it just seem like fun? Or was it something else entirely that got you going?

For me, it was Star Trek - or rather, Star Trek uniforms. I had already made uniforms of my own for TS1 (recols only, no meshes), so I wanted some for TS2 as well to set up a Star Trek 'hood... but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find any I liked. Most of the ones I came across used in-game meshes, but to me that just looked odd - and I wanted proper Star Trek uniforms, not just some random shirt with a Star Trek logo on it. I realised there was only one way to get the uniforms I wanted, on the meshes I wanted: I had to learn how to do it myself. With the help of some great tutorials over at MTS, I had soon made my very first custom mesh (that I still use to this day, I've just tweaked the UV maps a little and added a preg morph for adult females). The rest, as they say, is history. Smile

With objects, it was the same thing: I wanted some Star Trek deco to clutter up my Trek Sims' desk, PADDs in particular. At first I tried to recolour some books and other things, but they just looked like books with funky covers (since that was pretty much what they were) and not like proper PADDs... so I rolled up my sleeves and headed to the MTS tutorial section once again. Wink

Recently, I needed a Sim to make a particular pose for a screenshot. You can probably guess how that ended...

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What got me started on modding? Well, I found custom content and MTS VERY late (July 2008) but I happily downloaded like the whole of MTS once I found it ('Twas all FREE - omg....). Anyway, as the goodytwoshoes I am, I thought I should try and give something back, so I made a house and uploaded it. It wasn't a very good house, so it was rightly rejected.

Anyway, my all-time modding hero was Plasticbox. I LOVED her houses and wanted to make some like them (and maybe if they looked like her houses they wouldn't be rejected Wink ). So I tried, and decided I needed a certain window - the Midnight Ride on Two Tiles without the shutters. I couldn't find it, so I went and looked at the tutorials (Ignorant Bliss - Repository Tutorial - THANK YOU) and after a LOT of struggling, made a window. I thought hmm, maybe I should just upload the window. So I did. It's still one of my personal picks on MTS, the post drips keen newbie and it always makes me smile to remember the enthusiastic young simmer I was then.

Well, it was uploaded (and not rejected) and I thought, well, maybe 100 downloads, that will be awesome, and I will have given something back to this great place called MTS. That was my goal. It passed 100 dls on the first day. I was GOBSMACKED. Then some people asked for another window - and yea, the rest is history Smile
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Great idea, this thread Smile In some general way, my profile already tells part of the story, but I don't mind telling the story of my modding...

I've been interested in programming/coding ever since I first got involved with computers, learning to use several dialects of BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, Forth, and several processor-specific hexadecimal languages. I was rather late to the Simming scene, and it took me six more months after that to discover there was a modding scene as well. Like so many other Simmers, I find fault with virtually everything the EAxians saw fit to foist upon us, so the incentive to do something about it was most certainly there. But that wasn't enough...

The ball really started rolling - though very slowly at first - when I had downloaded Inge's Mortgage Shrubs, and found that I didn't like the interest rates... I had a very short discussion (1 post from me, 1 from Inge) about it, and was told I could open the package in SimPE and alter the BCON myself. That was the trigger that set it all into motion. From altering a BCON to looking at BHAVs and tinkering a bit with them, was not such a big step anymore, so a few months later I launched the initial version of my first mod: ButlerIsNoNanny. Then near the end of April 2010, ZephyrZodiac made a request at Simbology for a mod that would allow not EVERY male abductee to get Alien pregnant. In that same thread, AncientHighway then gave me the final push to actually start working on it, and that's where the foundation for Alien Experiments was laid.

The rest is known history. I still consider Alien Experiments to be my true initiation into the modding scene, even though it didn't attract nearly as much of a customer base as things like Feed Baby or No Sim Loaded.
I know that my name is now known by a few hundred people on sites that I haven't even heard of yet, since sometimes, someone decides to mention one of my mods elsewhere... It's a great feeling to be able to mean something for so many folks...

#4 23-03-2012 
I don't know if this really qualifies as modding, but...

Sims 1 had very limited outfits, but they had a tool that let you recolor them. I had a lot of fun making new outfits for my sims 1 sims.

Then my husband came home with Sims 2. I stuck with my sims 1 sims until I discovered it came with a couple of really fun programs called Body Shop and Home Crafter. I started having fun making sims and walls/floors/terrain paints. I especially had a lot of fun making murals from photographs. When my husband saw how much fun I was having he got SimPE for me. I still haven't used about 3/4 of its functions, but I had a lot of fun with it.

And now Inge is making Texture Tweaker, which appears that it's going to be as addictive for me as Home Crafter was. The Create a Pattern tool is fun, too.
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#5 24-03-2012 
So you're saying you're making custom content for the game, as in your own floor tiles and wallpapers? You're maybe even recoloring stuff?

If so, then... well, to me that sounds like modding! Smile

#6 24-03-2012 
Well, what started it all was uploading lots I built. After quite a few of them I needed a certain color of whatever-it-was. So I tried doing it myself. That led to more recolors. Looking at those now, omg- they were horrible! (I'm still not very good at recolors.) There came a time I said "Recoloring is fun but I'll never mesh". I should've known better- never say never. Smile The rest is history. The funny thing is that I don't even remember what made me try to mesh. But I love it, so I'll keep doing it as long as I can.

Real life hobby: building dollhouses & furniture. Maybe that's why I like making stuffs for the game? Heehee.

#7 28-03-2012 
Quick answer, I started "modding" because I really wanted to change something in the game and no one else made the mod yet. My two favorite mods I've made are the white milk bottle and the computer screen replacements. I really just like adding my own stuff to games, whether or not they may be useful to everyone.
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#8 02-04-2012 
mustluvcatz;10757 Wrote:Real life hobby: building dollhouses & furniture. Maybe that's why I like making stuffs for the game? Heehee.

Wow - now that is something that has always appealed to me - I used to love working with wood etc when I was a youngin.

I must admit, things that are REAL (like I can hold them/see them in the real world) always seem more worthwhile to me.

Got any pics?
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#9 08-04-2012 
Pics? Not at the moment, but I could certainly take some of the one house I still have here. Smile Or is there 2? Hmmm.. must be getting old, lol. Just give me a day or two since we're working on gussy-ing the house up for Bunny Day.

#10 08-05-2012 
About 2 weeks after I started playing sims 1, I was very VERY tired of the non matching furniture and wallpapers and floors. Found there was a sims website and downloaded homecrafter. Made walls and floors, and kept going from there.

About a month after that I was exploring the sims website and they had links to CC, back in the day when there were no paysites. Yes. Even TSR was free. WDS, SimGoddesses, The Mall of the Sims, I downloaded like a fiend. Decided that I wasn't getting what I wanted, but wanted to find out how they were doing it. Discovered the link to T-mog, and from then on, I've never really stopped.

Edit: So yeah - I was a modder before I was a downloader!


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