What editors do you use?
#11 15-06-2011 
Yea, armiel - I know where lithunwrapper is, I even have it installed (hence google not needed) I just suck at using it.

OH WAIT - that was for lazy lev Smile

I WILL google some tutorials though Smile
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#12 15-06-2011 
* levini Takes Lithunwrapper and places it on Lee's head
I am lazy. also I hate Google on my iPod

#13 15-06-2011 
Lev, then why don't you Google on the machine that you use to do your Sims stuff? Googling for sims stuff on an iPod doesn't seem that smart to me...

#14 17-06-2011 
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What a nice thread!

For S3 I use TSRW with the S3PE plugin (lifesaver!): It's really easy to use and I liek how I can see everything I'm doing. And with the plugin, I have a lot more control over fine details only S3PE can do, Like _RIG adjustments and Flags.

For S2, I also used SimPE, but my game won't start so I haven't been creating for it lately.

For imaging I use, depending on the computer, Adobe Fireworks CS3/4/5 or GIMP. Only when I absolutely HAVE too, I use Photoshop CS3/4/5 for .dds needs. I HATE Ps so much though.

For UV mapping, I use UVMapper. I could never figure out the Milkshape one, and I've never used Lithunwrap.

For actual meshing I now use Google Sketchup 8 because it's powerful, has a great GUI and good tools. For vertex fine tuning I use Milkshape. And Blender to bake it in. I have 3DS as well, but never use it.


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