Fire Effect
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Cook types, different fires for... omg!! Erm.. probably not? I'll be happy enough with the fire effect stopping and starting.

* mustluvcatz must stop browsing other forums and get to work on this!

edit: Wait a minute.. now that I look at it, since the fire effect is on the bottom under where the rack is (if you could see having the fire effect start when a sim uses the oven makes sense. I added charcoal to the stovetop, under the rack, and Lee mentioned using the grill effect for it. Is it possible to do both? (Probably, and I'm probably getting in way over my head here.)

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Just want to say I haven't missed this, I just got distracted by this other thing. Tongue I'm off to bed, but the short version is: sure! The principle is the same as before, it's just a matter of editing different BHAVs in slightly different places. And I know you can do it! It isn't as scary as it looks, I promise. Smile

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Double posting (bad Nix, bad!) so MLC can see that I'm awake now. Wink

Just for clarification, do you want two effects (flames + grill) running at the same time or one effect for when the Sim uses the stovetop and one when they're using the oven? Both can be done, but just so I know which one we're doing here. Smile

Second, when you say "grill effect" exactly what are you referring to? The coals going from black to reddish, or that reddish smoke type layer you have above the flames when you're using the grill (and do you want flames with that)? Because the coals just change materials - and the reddish smoke type thing seems to be part of the grill fire effect, it and the flames aren't separate effects. Which of course isn't a problem if you want both the grill flames and the reddish smoke, but not good if it's only the reddish smoke you want.

(And I'm a geek, but I've been looking at the Poke interactions from the fireplace to see how semiglobal dependant they are and if they could possibly be imported to a stove. It might actually be possible - but that's a big might. It might also just look possible in my head because I don't know what I'm doing. Tongue)

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One for the stovetop, one for the oven. Since the fire effect from the fireplace is already there- it can be left and used? I hope.

Since I've never noticed the reddish smoke when grilling I guess I wasn't sure what I wanted for the grill effect. But since the flames and smoke aren't separate effects, having both of them together is just fine. And makes sense.

#15 12-08-2012 
It can absolutely be kept and used!

I've actually never noticed the reddish smoke when grilling, either (probably because my Sims seldom grill), I actually didn't see it until I had Randy Random grill some hotdogs so I could look at the fire more closely. And then I promptly had to check it out on my poor test stove (that's now been subjected of a number of different effects - the current one is a grill fire/alarm clock ringing combo, and yes, it looks slightly ludicrous Wink). But now that I have noticed it, I think it actually looks quite nifty. Very... grilly. Smile

So, you want the fire effect when the Sim is using the oven, and the grill effect when they use the stovetop? And both of them to be off otherwise? Or do you want the grill effect on always, and the fire only for the oven? Or am I getting things confused? Smile (Both are doable, you just have to edit different things to do them.)

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Oops..just put a comment in your guestbook with a little request. Smile

But yes- fire when they use the oven and grill when they use the stovetop. It will look so awesome. Can the fire effect BHAV I added just be edited for that part (the oven) then?

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Heh, I had a similar thought about your effect BHAV (see *your* guestbook). Great minds think alike, as they say. Wink And it will indeed look totally awesome! Big Grin

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Here it is - I forgot we can attach files, lol.

That's not the version I added Cook_Core to, it's just got the fire effect added. The way I do it is a mash-up of a tutorial by Atavera and some tips from Sophie-David. Add Effects to the Text List and add whatever the effect is. Add a target slot to the SLOT (you can see what I did there, lol), add an entry to the CRES with the coordinates (I make/made it a child of one of the cShapeRefwhateveritis nodes), import the BHAV Function-Start Run Mode then link to that in the OBJD..Start Live Mode.

Might not be the best way to do it, but I've done it before and it works beautifully. Smile

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I knew you'd be the perfect person for this MLC. She's going to love this.

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eefje00704;15575 Wrote:I knew you'd be the perfect person for this MLC. She's going to love this.

So, that was totally on purpose? Big Grin I knew it! Which is fine with me. I was so relieved when I saw who I got, lol. I was like "Yes! I can do this and know just what to do! Fire!".


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