What do you think?
#21 18-09-2012 
Deb, this looks so much better than the last house Smile

It's difficult to see how many apartments you have made though because the floor plans are so far away. Could you take some more zoomed in pictures? then we can see the decor in more detail too.

I wonder also, whether you could make some bump outs too? To make the shape a little more interesting? Big Grin
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#22 18-09-2012 
* leefish thinks Deb is a fan of formal Italian gardens
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#23 18-09-2012 
@karen: in first floor there are 2 "big" apartments and in second floor there are 4 little apartments.

I have tried to do new images, first floor:


Second floor:

One of the problems is that I'm limited by the few items/objects in the game, so I make rooms little furnished or all the same.

Maybe I should differentiate more apartments between them.

@lee: well, I like more balconies and terraces Big Grin

#24 18-09-2012 
Thanks Deb, those pictures made it easier to differentiate between apartments.

I think your large apartments are too large and they would be better smaller. If you want them to be different but without the use of CC you could colour scheme each apartment. For example, make one apartment predominantly red, another blue, another green and so on. I do that sometimes. Or use different styles of furniture and decor, for example, a modern apartment, a traditional one, a retro one etc.

From what I can see each apartment could do with a little more coherence with decor and choice of furnishings. I can't tell what wall coverings you've used because the walls are down either.

But I do like your landscaping Smile

This is a really good looking apartment building. Smile Hope all that helps.
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#25 03-10-2012 
I think I finished the house..can I upload it? Leefish, you download lots to see if they work, before approving the messages?

#26 03-10-2012 
Of course you can upload it Deb. I don't test the houses usually. What EPs/SPs do you have? If you are afraid to post it in the uploads maybe attach it here and one of us can test it first.
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#27 03-10-2012 
The house should work fine, I did not use sims etc. Maybe is a bit "easy" and spartan Big Grin

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