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Come on in to this deceptively large cottage! Inside you will find three bedrooms, an open plan living area, utility room and two bathrooms, one of which is en suite.

[Image: thumb640x480]

Outside in the spacious garden is a patio area, playhouse with toys and a swingset, summer house and pool for those long hot summer days.

[Image: thumb640x480]

This cottage was originally built for a challenge, you can see the original pictures here

I have used a lot of custom content in this house but I’m sure you will find that it’s all worth it Big Grin. The download file contains only the house and the build items. The custom content is clearly labelled and linked so there should be no problems in finding all of it, if there is leave me a PM/Comment and I'll get back to you.

You will need to use a gardening mod with this upload as some of the plants are inaccessible.

Hope you like it and please leave me some comments, cos I love reading them all!

Cost: 124,873
Lot size: 3x4

Gardening mods
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Custom Content included
Custom Content included(Click to View)
Custom Content not included
Custom Content not included(Click to View)
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Please do not reupload my Lots and claim them as your own. If you would like to use any of my Lots in a neighbourhood that you wish to upload please PM me for permission first.

You may use my recolours in Lots that you upload to any site. Please provide a link back to my profile on the site that you downloaded it from. Whilst some of my recolours can be found here at Leefish and SFUK most of them are at MTS (

Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot Summer Cottage Screenshot
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#2 22-09-2012
Great house, great pictures, thank you very much Big Grin

#3 22-09-2012
Both versions look great, Karen! Although I have to admit I'm partial to your green challenge house since it's my favorite color. Big Grin Thanks for sharing.

#4 22-09-2012
Well done Kaz.......Again just wonderful Smile


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