Nanny = Manager
#11 11-11-2012 
Excuse me butting in, but I just wanted to mention that nannies CAN potty train children. I have one who potty trained one of Ana Patel's twins. I don't know why she did it, could be that she'd been tipped earlier, could be that the child had already made a start on training with one oh her parents, could just simply be down to the MATY nanny hacks I have, but it happened.

#12 11-11-2012 
You're right, Sushigal. But I didn't say that they can't, did I? I only said that it's not very likely, because the toddler must first like them quite a bit, and that doesn't happen much, because the nanny doesn't try very hard to be liked.

The eligibility-check is where the game tests if a relationship is good enough to do certain things. For relatives, this check is easier than for non-relatives, but even then, I've seen some fathers who didn't get the option to potty-train their kid, because the kid hated them.

#13 12-11-2012 
Ah, sorry, I misread. *blush* But at least now I know why this nanny bothered potty training!

#14 12-11-2012 
Well, I sometimes *do* explain stuff in a confusing manner, so I don't blame you for misreading. These things happen. Big Grin

Fortunately, now we're on the same page again, because I had the opportunity to explain better what I meant.


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