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TheNinthWave (Jon) unlocked this Ikea lamp, unfortunately the Maxis/EA mapping was atrocious, in my first attempt at remapping I was able to remap it for TheNinthWave (Jon) so it could be recoloured. You can find the mesh and heaps of lovely recolours by TheNinthWave (Jon) HERE.

I have recoloured the shade to match the Ikea 'Sveje Rug' and the Ikea 'Uldum Rug'. Also included is 3 base recolours.
You can find my matching 'BV Chairs - Cushion Recolours' HERE and 'BV Furniture in ALWood Colours' part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE, part 3 HERE and part 4 HERE.

[Image: thumb640x480]
Artwork by Armiel, decorative items and BV Hotel Coffee Table by me used in the screenshot are not included.

All files have been compressed and tested in game.

[Image: MTS2_Numenor_817240_CEPv9_icon25x25.png]
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Let me know if you find anything wrong with any of my work, so I do not make the same mistake in the future.

Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome.
  • I do recolours and design my lots for pleasure, not for profit.
  • Feel free to use my recolours and include them in your lots, uploaded to free sites only.
  • However, remember to check the original creator's policies and always link to the originals.
DO NOT re-upload to pay sites or the exchange and DO NOT claim any of my work as your own.

I reserve the right to change this policy, at any time, without notification.

~Take care and stay safe.

SKIMRA Lamp recolours Screenshot SKIMRA Lamp recolours Screenshot          
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Very nice. Smile Love the colors.

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These turned out so lovely! Thank You! Smile

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Pretty Lamps Smile


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