Another new theme
#11 03-06-2013 
Love it. Smile

#12 04-06-2013 
Not overly fond of the colours, however I can live with it and it's very easy on the eyes.

#13 04-06-2013 
Brown is one of my favorite colors so I really like it.

#14 04-06-2013 
@Michelle, Yea, you have to like brown to like this theme I think. I will do a blue variant though, so that will be available.

#15 04-06-2013 
I also agree that it's easy on the eyes. And a blue variant would be wonderful.

#16 05-06-2013 
I like the browns, it's nice and soothing on the eyes.

#17 09-06-2013 
I like it!

Just a note though, I'm already registered (and signed in), and I get the registration link at the bottom.

#18 09-06-2013 
@Seabody Yea, I just added that this evening - footer is a WIP. Big Grin

#19 09-06-2013 
Currently practising on my downloads set up - I am trying to reuse template sets where I can, so it might look a bit "Find-ish" while I twiddle.
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#20 09-06-2013 
I like it Smile

I also like the 'about Leefish' text too
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